A complete listing of free web-publications and web-comics, by J. M. DeSantis, which have been published over the years, for your enjoyment.


GentlemanCthulhu.com Gentleman Cthulhu (humour, horror)

Gentleman Cthulhu is a humourous horror web-comic by J. M. DeSantis. It is published weekly in the traditional three-panel format.

Writer & Artist: J. M. DeSantis




Poems by J. M. DeSantis on WildSound (poetry)
wildsound.com (links to poems below)

Three poems by J. M. DeSantis published on the WildSound site. Click the links below to read them:

My Lady of the Water (horror)

The Fruits of Aldamar (weird, horror)

When You Die? (humour, horror, experimental)


Book of Lies web-comicBook of Lies (horror, weird, fantasy)

Book of Lies is an on-line web-comic anthology with stories written by Paul A. Newman and illustrated by various artists. J. M. has lent his talents to the Prologue of the web-comic (a prose story).

Writer: Paul A. Newman
Artist(s): J. M. DeSantis & others


Devil Tree web-comicDevil Tree * (horror)

Loosely inspired by urban legends of his native New Jersey, this two page web-comic is juxtaposed to J. M. DeSantis’s poem of the same name. This is a very early work of J. M. DeSantis’s. It is also the first publication of his writing.

Writer & Artist: J. M. DeSantis
Publisher: Comicbook Artists Guild (on DrunkDuck.com)


The Vigil * (horror)

The story of a man and his son as they shelter themselves in their home during a zombie epidemic. The Vigil is a two page, full colour, horror comic, written by Scott Sheaffer and illustrated by J. M. DeSantis. This is a very early work of J. M. DeSantis. It is also one of the rare few digitally coloured works of his.

Writer: Scott Sheaffer
Artist: J. M. DeSantis
Publisher: Comicbook Artists Guild (on DrunkDuck.com)


*Note: DrunkDuck.com has a habit of changing their urls without notice (it has happened at least twice since these comics were published). If you find the link is not working, please let us know through the contact page.


Chadhiyana: In the Company of Shadows (dark fantasy)
Website: chadhiyana.com

J. M. DeSantis’s first graphic novel, Chadhiyana: In the Company of Shadows, began as a web-comic. In 2015 it was picked up by Rosarium Publishing for digital release. The first 24 pages of the original run (72 pages) is still on the site as a free preview of the graphic novel.

Synopsis: The shadowy Tal-Ifatiir are on a quest to destroy the demon lord, Aghal-Paraag. As they journey toward his fortress with his imprisoned servant, a powerful witch, one misfortune after another befalls them. And Chadhiyana, the first female member of the order, seems troubled that their prisoner is a woman.


Game-Flush.com Comic Series (humor, comedy, video games)
Game-Flush Comic Logo

Now defunct, the site once contained a full listing of the comics J. M. DeSantis created for Game-Flush.com, under the moniker The Corporate Ninja. It featured various humourous short comics both of recognisable video game characters and members of the Game-Flush Staff. Some consideration has been given to re-posting these comics here on jmdesantis.com.

Writer(s): J. M. DeSantis & other members of the Game-Flush Staff (where noted)
Artist: J. M. DeSantis
Published by: Game-Flush.com/Flush Entertainment LLC