Commissions Are Open!

Limited space is available as J. M. DeSantis can handle only about one or two requests per week (with his commitments to Chadhiyana and Gentleman Cthulhu and his teaching job). This offer has never been available before, so take advantage now–just in case it suddenly goes away!

Prices are listed below. Contact form and e-mail link below that.



4” x 6” Price
B&W $15.00
Colour $20.00
Fine Art $35.00


9” x 12” Price
B&W $30.00
Colour $50.00
Fine Art $90.00


11” x 14”/17″ Price
B&W $60.00
Colour $80.00
Fine Art $120.00


Sketchcover Price
B&W $40.00
Colour $60.00
Fine Art $100.00

Extras (add to above prices)
Additional Characters/add background = +$20.00 each**
Full Background = +$30.00**
Wraparound Sketch Cover = +$40.00

**not available on small 4″x6″ commissions

Color Commissions are created using watercolours and black pen. Black and white are created using ink and pen (unless pencil-only is specifically requested).

*Fine Art Commissions, unlike Colour Commissions (which have a flat colour background), are created by layering colours in the background and are decorated with various imagery and text associated with the character depicted. Coloured inks are also used to further enhance the image. See the examples below.

Princess Leia sketch covers by J. M. DeSantis


new service!

Per 4 Lines = $10.00
(Thus an 8 line poem is $20.00, a 12 line poem $30.00 and so on)

Poetry examples can be found here:

*Note: with all poetry commissions, please indicate rhyme scheme (AA-BB, ABAB) or if you wish to have none at all.


If you are interested in any of the above, please indicate which and what you would like commissioned. Also, please title your e-mail or contact form submissions Commission Request (this way J. M. has an easier time finding it).

J. M. DeSantis currently accepts PayPal only. Shipping charges will apply. Please do not send any payment until the commission has been agreed upon and you have been placed in J. M.’s commissions schedule.


DIRECT E-MAIL LINK: (e-mail address listed “phonetically” to avoid junk mail)



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