A complete listing of free-to-read web-publications/comics, by J. M. DeSantis.

GentlemanCthulhu.com Chadhiyana.com Web-Comics
Gentleman Cthulhu is JMD’s on-going web-comic, while Chadhiyana has the occasional web-comic


Featured on wildsound.com:


Devil Tree (horror)

The Vigil (horror)
Written by Scott Shaeffer; Art by J. M. DeSantis


Book of Lies (horror, weird, fantasy)

Book of Lies is an on-line web-comic anthology with stories written by Paul A. Newman and illustrated by various artists. J. M. has lent his talents to the Prologue of the web-comic (a prose story).

Game-Flush.com Comic Series (humor, comedy, video games)
Game-Flush Comic Logo

Now defunct, the site once contained a full listing of the comics J. M. DeSantis created for Game-Flush.com, under the moniker The Corporate Ninja. It featured various humourous short comics both of recognisable video game characters and members of the Game-Flush Staff.

All of J. M. DeSantis’s Game-Flush.com comics were collected in a chapter about the site in his part-memoir, part writing and art collection,
J. M. DeSantis: The First Ten Years.
J. M. DeSantis: The First Ten Years