Use the e-mail link below to contact J. M. DeSantis. Lower on this page are listed other services & availability (freelance work, speaking engagements, signings, etc). If you’re looking for private commissions, please first refer to the Commission Request Page. All others (including fan mail) use the following link:

E-MAIL: jay-em-dee-@-jay-em-dee-san-tis-DOT-cahm  (listed phonetically to avoid junk-mail)


Fiction Writing (Available): prose writing & comic scripts; story development, synopses & outlines

Freelance Art (Available): illustration, cover art, & comic pages

Editor (Available): fiction & non-fiction, prose & comic scripts; line edits, structure edits

Book Design (Available): interior & cover layout & design

Non-Fiction (Available): creator bios & web-copywriting

J. M. DeSantis cannot afford to do any work for free, so please do not contact with such requests. Prices will be discussed upon inquiry. J. M. DeSantis is willing to work within your budget, if possible.


J. M. DeSantis is available for signings, conventions, and other events, including as a solo speaker or as part of a panel.

The subjects listed below are those in which he has the most experience. He has over 13 years of experience in public speaking at events from as small as group gatherings to as large as panels at the New York and Boston Comic Cons; including 10 years of experience as a public school Art Teacher.

  • Fiction Writing, Illustration, and Comic Art (generally)
  • Horror & Fantasy art and writing
  • Time Management (for writers & artists)
  • Web-Comics
  • Self-Publishing & Indie Publishing
  • Working with Indie Publishers