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Excerpt from “Se Wulfes Hús: The House of Wolf” (horror)
The snow fell in thick, unceasing sheets, covering all the world in silver-white powder, as a knight, horseless and squireless, but not without his sword, made his way out from the cover of the trees and into the hilly landscape of an unfamiliar kingdom. Thither a road ran from the forest into the West, where the knight made his way toward his homeland and his destination therein. However, whatever lay upon the road or beside it, the knight was completely blind to it, so heavy fell the snow… (click to read more)


Excerpt from “The Unfortunate Tale of the Toothless Vampyre” (horror-humour)
It was unfortunate that Ronald hadn’t any teeth, even more so because, as a vampyre, he very much had need of them and had no means of growing them back. Vampyres, as a rule, being reanimated corpses, have none of the regenerative abilities of other nightly things. So Ronald was stuck as he was: an old and toothless vampyre. Though how Ronald had come into such a state is interesting in itself… (click to read more)


Excerpt from “The Real Saint Nick, or How Henry and Jack Learned the Truth About Father Christmas” (horror)
It was four days before Christmas, and Henry felt none of the joy most children his age were feeling when he came home from school that Friday afternoon. The children had been let out early to give them a head start on their winter holiday… (click to read more)


Excerpt from “The People from Beyond the Stars” (sci fi)
People From Beyond the Stars banner
Ever since I was young, as far back as I can remember, I have been fascinated with the idea of life on other planets. Though, perhaps obsessed would be nearer the mark, as I can hardly recall a moment in my youth when anything I did or thought was not somehow motivated by, or related to, my preoccupation with extraterrestrial life… (click to read more)