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Robert Phillips
A Lovecraftian novella about friendship, mental illness, and obsession

EXCERPT: ‘It is with a considerable amount of apprehension that I so much as recall the tale of Robert Phillips, even so many years after his disappearance—despite what the authorities say on the matter.

The reasons for such feelings have nothing whatever to do with the man named here. For a good portion of the time I knew him, Robert was well-reasoning and kind, even if eccentric. Even after that strange madness seemed to take hold of him, I still felt nothing but amiably toward and genuinely concerned for my friend.’ …CONTINUE READING>>

The Kirklyn Horror
An in-development (editing stage) horror novel

The Lunatic Rot. That is what they called the plague that fell suddenly upon the city of Kirklyn. But of its source and causes the people of Kirklyn were entirely ignorant, and the Church of Areglos seemed to have no answers. Thus were the Reapers established to help contain the Rot, but even their well-trained, albeit ill-informed, legions were no match for the spread of the horrid epidemic and the madness it caused.

The Kirklyn Horror follows four individuals during the plague’s outbreak: Claude, Evelyn, Dashiell, and Farren. Through their stories, the reader will glean certain facts and rumours which lead to the spread of the Rot…and perhaps learn the eldritch truth of its unnameable source. (READ EXCERPT>>)

J. M. DeSantis: The First Ten Years
Memoir and Writing, Art & Comic Collection (2007-2019)

Features a collection of short stories, artworks, comics and comic scripts from JMD’s varying career (from 2007 – 2019), with anecdotes and other autobiographical writing.

Includes:5 Short Stories, 3 short comics, the Game-Flush comic strips, pages of artwork (colour and black & white), 4 poems, sections on early work, Chadhiyana, and Gentleman Cthulhu, previews of future work, and much more!

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Fenwick End
A horror anthology of linked stories; in-development by J. M. DeSantis


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