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Excerpt from “A Saviour in the Dark” script (fantasy/drama)
Panel 2. The story opens with a wide shot of a small town at night. The streets are empty, save perhaps for one or two passersby. Small, unadorned buildings and simple huts line the main avenue which runs directly through the scene, and all about is strewn bits of refuse and rubble… Read More… >


Excerpt from “The Thing in the Box” script (horror)
Thing in the Box banner
Panel 2. We begin our tale by opening upon a lone, early twentieth century home, as seen from a distance. The hour is late, and the sky is dark. Deep shadows fall upon the house’s exterior, throwing it into nearly complete silhouette… (click to read more)


Excerpt from “The Switch” script (horror)
Panel 2. Close up on a metallic object. It’s unclear what the thing is. All that we can see is that the object is made up of two connected pieces. The first piece, to the right, looks like one side of an octagonal shape, while the second piece is ribbed and cylindrical… (click to read more)