Featured in the two-page comic of the same name, written by J. M. DeSantis and illustrated by Steven Yarbrough and Edward Charles Thomas III. Published in Steampunk Originals from Arcana Comics.


Yearning for her freedom, Rama gazed across the tide
To the far land of Lanka, his army at his side.
For years she was imprisoned by that wretched demon-beast
And yet Rama remained determined to see his wife released.

She need no longer bear the rakshasa’s smothering lust.
Into the heart of Ravana, Rama meant his sword to thrust.
With the help of his companions, they bridged the water-gap
And came down upon the villain like a great thunder-clap.

Upon the field of battle Rama met the demon lord
And found Ravana’s death with his gleaming golden sword.
Rama then sought out his wife, determined to ensure
Through a trial of cleansing fire, Sita had remained pure.

She passed the test, and so it was, Rama brought her home.
Many days upon the road across the country they did roam.
The people lit lamps to guide their way through the darkest nights
And so is praised Rama’s return on the Festival of Lights.