A New Chadhiyana Project Has Begun

I know there are some of you who are wondering when the next Chadhiyana book or story is coming. After all, the first Chadhiyana comic is set up as a “glimpse” of the character and her world, and though the responses have generally been favourable, it’s only just enough to whet people’s appetite for my new character.

So, although I’m very self conscious about speaking about projects before they’re finished (on account of how unpredictable timelines for completing projects can be and how often projects get delayed, sit untouched for a while or are never finished at all), I wanted to let you all know I have begun work on a script for a new Chadhiyana story. What’s more, this new story will be much longer and much fuller than the two short stories in the first Chadhiyana comic.

Beyond that, I’m not going to say much more at this time (though you may be able to guess enough on your own–especially if you’ve read the introduction to the first comic). I believe this new story will be very interesting whether you were familiar with Chadhiyana before or not. As for when you can expect to see it (again, please recall my previous statements about speaking about projects before they’re finished), my plan is to reveal something more specific about this story in April.

Now, that’s not to say I won’t post occasional updates about it until then, but with MoCCA Fest and Boston Comic Con being that month (I’ll be attending both), I would like to save the bigger reveal for around that time (and it gives me more time to get further along with the project). Again, I’m only writing anything about this now because I don’t want any fans of the first comic to wonder “Is he going to do anything else with this character?” I am.

I will say, however, that I did spent the better part of my time the past few months working out a long synopsis for Chadhiyana’s story and background, as I envision it thus far. So despite there being few Chadhiyana updates lately, I have not been idle. Publicly, I’ve been focused on promoting the current Chadhiyana comic. Despite the positive responses to the book and character, there are still very few who are aware of her or that the comic even exists, so I’m trying to give some attention to promoting the book further, it being my first self-published venture.

I am sorry for the tease and that I won’t give you more information at the moment, but I hope it is enough to know more is coming. In the meanwhile, if you aren’t familiar with Chadhiyana, head over to IndyPlanet and buy the first comic. On the other hand, if you have already purchased the comic and enjoyed it, spread the word. Tell your friends or your local comics shops about it. Like any other creative project, Chadhiyana’s success depends on its readers and fans. Thank you all for your support.

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