A Benefit of Web-Comics

Chadhiyana: ICoS Prologue pg 6 corrections

There are many benefits to creating web-comics. They’ve probably all been discussed ad-nauseam before today; however, recently another benefit dawned upon me which I had never considered before: the ability to improve upon, edit or revise pages which have already been published.

You see, last week on chadhiyana.com I expressed some dissatisfaction with pages 6 and 7 of the Prologue of Chadhiyana: In the Company of Shadows. I was rushed to get the pages done, putting in long hours and still getting them in late (in the wake of the 2013 New York Comic Con), and so I didn’t take the time to paint the images the way I originally envisioned them. Even after I moved on to page 8 (which posted yesterday), I couldn’t shake the burning desire to go back and improve upon the previous pages. But how could I do that when the pages had already published to the website? It was then I realised it was as easy as making the changes I wanted and then rescanning and re-uploading the pages. And while that may seem obvious to many of you, it was quite a profound realisation for me.

Chadhiyana: ICoS Prologue pg 7 corrections

While I’m more partial to print than digital publication (says the man putting his graphic novel up on the web), this is a glaring benefit of digital which print cannot provide: the ability to immediately revise a work. In print, such a thing would have to wait for a second or successive printing. Given, the ability to do this may create additional problems for certain creators (such as for those who will feel compelled to continually go back and revise their work, locking themselves in an endless cycle of never truly completing the work), but generally speaking I think it is a wonderful perk to working in a digital format.

Anyway, I do hope you’re all keeping up with the story on chadhiyana.com. There were many of you out there who read the first comic and wanted more (as I hoped you would). Though in its infancy, I hope this new story is filling that void for you, and if so, you can’t imagine what I’ve planned as the plot progresses. So keep checking chadhiyana.com for a new page every Tuesday, and I’ll be back next week with another blog entry. Cheers!

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