A New Website

I know it’s been three weeks since there’s been a Chadhiyana update (on account of the Baltimore Comic-Con two weeks ago), but I only have a very brief update for you this week. Progress on the graphic novel has been slow and steady (what else is new?), but there’s still a lot more work to get done before the web-comic version of the graphic novel can officially begin publication. In the meanwhile, however, I thought I’d introduce you to the web-comic’s future home.

Some of you may have noticed over the past month or so that in the top menu, under the Other Sites heading, there had (formerly) been a listing titled ??? – Coming Soon. That was my attempt at inspiring curiosity about what this new, unknown website would be. Well today, I’m finally revealing it; that website is chadhiyana.com

Chadhiyana.com has been in the works (behind the scenes) for a few months now. Currently, the website is all but complete. What remains is for the graphic novel pages to start posting, however, I’m still (as always) behind where I want to be. The plan remains to have something up for New York Comic Con (which is roughly three weeks away), so expect something to start posting by then. However, the exact date of when the graphic novel will begin publishing on-line is still uncertain.

For now, you can browse the content that’s currently up on chadhiyana.com. For those of you who have read the first two short stories, you may find the Encyclopedia section most interesting, as it includes pronunciation guides for names found in those two tales. In the meanwhile, I’ll be hard at work getting things ready for the official launch. Keep checking back each week. As soon as Chadhiyana: In the Company of Shadows begins publishing, this will be the first place it will be announced.

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