The Graphic Novel Approaches

The web-comic debut of the Chadhiyana graphic novel, Chadhiyana: In the Company of Shadows, is nearly upon us. I know that last week I wrote that I was uncertain about when the web-comic would finally start posting, but I wasn’t yet certain everything would be ready for the date I’d had in mind. I was, however, quite specific that I wanted pages to begin posting before or around the New York Comic Con (October 10-13), where I will be exhibiting this year at booth # 943 (with NovaStar Studios, publisher of Sara Rising). That said, NYCC fast approaches and the graphic novel’s web-comic launch date may be sooner than you think.

To cut to the chase, the first page (or the cover, rather) of Chadhiyana: In the Company of Shadows will post on Wednesday, October 2, 2013. Currently, there are enough pages completed to post one ever weekday (Monday through Friday) through the Friday of New York Comic Con (October 11). After that, depending on how much progress I’m able to make between now and then, either new pages will post that following Monday and Tuesday (October 14 and 15) and then the book will move to a weekly posting schedule or pages will post every weekday through the last Tuesday of October (the 29th) and then the graphic novel will move to a weekly posting schedule. Once on a weekly posting schedule, new pages will post on Tuesdays.

I’m hoping for the latter of the two plans to work out, as that would mean the entire sixteen page Prologue (plus the book’s cover and title pages) would post through the month of October, with Chapter I starting in November. However, I have to be perfectly honest, I was originally hoping at the very least to have twenty pages up by New York Comic Con and that didn’t happen, so I can’t make any promises. Again, this graphic novel has taken much longer to get off the ground than I’d originally anticipated, but I don’t want to rush the book and sacrifice its quality despite my anxiousness to get it out.

So, there it is. For all of you Chadhiyana fans, you have but a week before the web-comic version of the graphic novel will start publishing. Again, if you missed last week’s blog entry, the home of that graphic novel will be See you next week. I have a lot to prepare before that day and the New York Comic Con to get ready for as well. Wish me luck. I hope you’re as excited as I am.

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