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NYCC 2014 Thanks & The Crazy 8 Cartoon Festival

Crazy 8 Cartoon Festival 2014
There are two things I want to cover this week. First, a huge thank you to everyone who came by my booth this past weekend during the New York Comic Con, and for helping me make this a successful show. Second, I want to remind everyone that this weekend is the Crazy 8 Cartoon Festival in New York City. So, without wasting too much space writing about writing about it, let’s get down to the details. (Scroll toward the bottom of this post for information on the Crazy 8 event.) Read more… ›

New York Comic Con 2013 – Thank You

So ends another year at the New York Comic Con. As always, I had a lot of fun at the convention, though I’m afraid a lot of people were unable to find me this year because of my location. (I was on the main show floor, just outside of Small Press, rather than in Artist Alley or Small Press, as I was in previous years). Thanks, of course, to everyone who stopped by my table and commissioned a convention sketch or purchased a copy of Chadhiyana. I hope all of you check out and enjoy the new Chadhiyana web-comic, Chadhiyana: In the Company of Shadows, on as well. Read more… ›

J. M. DeSantis & NovaStar Studios at the 2013 New York Comic Con

J. M. DeSantis will be exhibiting at the New York Comic Con starting tomorrow and going until Sunday, October 13. Among J. M.’s usual wares (prints, convention sketches, books, etc) he will be promoting his new web-comic, Chadhiyana: In the Company of Shadows (publishing regularly on Chadhiyana: iCoS is a new graphic novel starring his fantasy heroine, Chadhiyana, who debuted in her own comic last year at the show.

You can find J. M. on the show floor again this year (rather than in Artist Alley) at booth # 943 (near Small Press). What’s more, this year he’ll be sharing the space with NovaStar Studios, publisher of the wonderful, new, sci-fi comic series, Sara Rising. So make sure you add booth # 943 to your plans for this year’s show and see what exciting new things are being hatched by these rising creators.

For more information visit

The Graphic Novel Approaches

The web-comic debut of the Chadhiyana graphic novel, Chadhiyana: In the Company of Shadows, is nearly upon us. I know that last week I wrote that I was uncertain about when the web-comic would finally start posting, but I wasn’t yet certain everything would be ready for the date I’d had in mind. I was, however, quite specific that I wanted pages to begin posting before or around the New York Comic Con (October 10-13), where I will be exhibiting this year at booth # 943 (with NovaStar Studios, publisher of Sara Rising). That said, NYCC fast approaches and the graphic novel’s web-comic launch date may be sooner than you think. Read more… ›

Support Sara Rising

Sara RisingI was going to post an update about my progress on the Chadhiyana graphic novel this week–an in-depth update, no less–however, that will have to wait until after the Boston Comic Con next weekend. Instead, I have a time-sensitive subject to write about: the Kickstarter campaign for Sara Rising, a new comic from artist James Rodriguez and writer Emilio Rodriguez of Novastar Studios (visit the Sara Rising Kickstarter page by clicking here). I’ve never before promoted someone else’s work on my website (that may change, depending on circumstances), but in this case I felt the need to. I wasn’t put up to this. I’m writing this because, frankly, I believe in this comic project, even if I have no involvement in it. Read more… ›