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Sara RisingI was going to post an update about my progress on the Chadhiyana graphic novel this week–an in-depth update, no less–however, that will have to wait until after the Boston Comic Con next weekend. Instead, I have a time-sensitive subject to write about: the Kickstarter campaign for Sara Rising, a new comic from artist James Rodriguez and writer Emilio Rodriguez of Novastar Studios (visit the Sara Rising Kickstarter page by clicking here). I’ve never before promoted someone else’s work on my website (that may change, depending on circumstances), but in this case I felt the need to. I wasn’t put up to this. I’m writing this because, frankly, I believe in this comic project, even if I have no involvement in it.

If you want to know what Sara Rising is about, I feel Mssrs. Rodriguez and Rodriguez (no relation) do a fine job of explaining it in their Kickstarter video. The brief version is Sara Rising is a science-fiction comic Sara Rising page 1about Sara, a young girl, who comes into possession of (through the actions of an alien bounty hunter) a weapon which an interstellar organisation wants back. There’s much more to it than that, and it’s not just the concept which I enjoy (despite, admittedly, not being much of a science-fiction fan); it’s the actually writing and art on the book that I love.

You see, I’ve known James and his work for a long time, and I’ve always believed he was an artist who wasn’t getting his due. Emilio, on the other hand, I’ve known for a shorter period of time, but he is no less my friend. What’s more, I had the privilege of reading the scripts for the first two issues of Sara Rising (and in turn, allowed Emilio to read the early chapters of the Chadhiyana graphic novel; he’s so lucky, I know), and I absolutely loved what I was reading. Furthermore, I’ve been privy to some knowledge of what’s planned for the series (I won’t be sharing that–sorry, you’ll just have to read it for yourself), and I have to say I’m very much excited to see this story told in its entirety.

The fact is, friends or not, I’m really excited for this comic, and again, I’m not even much of a science-fiction fan. I think James and Emilio really have something here, and since I’m taking the time to write about it this week rather than plugging my own work, I’m hoping you’ll take the time to at least check out the Kickstarter campaign they’ve got going. It started just last night and will run for thirty days. If you like what you see, please help fund the comic. After all, I think these two are doing some great work, and it would be nice to see it pay off for them. Besides, Sara Rising is something worth checking out while you wait for more information about the Chadhiyana graphic novel.


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