The Kirklyn Horror: My Second Novel

Though I haven’t updated my blog here in quite a while, I’ve been busy creating new artworks, vending at (so far) twenty-eight shows this year (more than double any previous year, and I still have eight more to go), and preparing my second novel, The Kirklyn Horror for publication!

This Friday the 13th, The Kirklyn Horror releases in print and digital, and if you’re reading this before that date, you can pre-order it now on Amazon and Barnes & Noble sites (listed on

I’m very proud of this novel, and hoping it will get an even bigger reach and response than did my first novel, Robert Phillips. The Kirklyn Horror is very much a novel of me, as it includes much of the subject matter and themes I both love to read and write about. The 200+ page novel follows four characters from different walks of life during an epidemic in the fictional city of Kirklyn. Through the characters (Claude, Evelyn, Dashiell, and Farren), the reader learns about the plague and its elusive origins.

From the book description:

The Lunatic Rot.
That is what they called the plague which fell upon the city of Kirklyn. Of its source and causes, the people of Kirklyn were wholly ignorant, and the Church of Areglos seemed to have no answers. Thus were the Reapers established to help contain the Rot, but even their well-trained legions were no match for the ceaseless spread of the horrid epidemic and the mad deformities it caused.
Through the tales of four individuals, the reader will glean perspectives and truths about the Rot…and perhaps even learn the Eldritch Truth of its unnameable source.

Again, the book is available for pre-order, and will continue to be available from those sites. My publisher, Dark Fire Press, will likely add additional sites and sources for the novel, as it becomes available (and you can read a sample of the novel on their site as well:

I hope many of you will pick up the novel and enjoy it. And if you do, please leave an honest review! Those always help all creators get their works out to more people.

Cheers! ~JMD

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