New Fantasy Artwork and More to Come

Chadhiyana concernedThe Fantasy Illustration section of saw a big update this week with new artwork and a slight format change. I had planned to post new art in most of the illustration sections after the Bronx Heroes Comic Convention (May 4th & 5th), but I was in need of something to post this week since the Boston Comic Con was cancelled this weekend past. (I’m still hoping they will reschedule, and I’m relieved the last suspect in the Boston Marathon tragedy was finally apprehended.) That said, there’s still more new artwork coming.

As it is, I’ve been neglecting to add new art to the site for quite some time. Mostly this is because I’ve been working on a number of small projects and writing the script for the Chadhiyana graphic novel, and it just slipped my mind. (Excuses, excuses. I know.) However, even being as busy as I am, there might be a small lull in updates as I finish the script, move on to the art and work on other projects. As I have so many pieces to add to the site, I decided I would update one section on each of the weeks that I don’t have something else to post about (the next two weeks, I’m afraid to say, will focus on Bronx Heroes, so you’ll have to wait a bit for more new art).

Jon Snow and GhostI decided to start with the Fantasy Illustration section first not only because there’s some new Chadhiyana pieces I wanted to show off, but also because there’s some new Game of Thrones/Song of Ice and Fire artwork as well. This includes a Jon Snow and Ghost commission I recently finished that I absolutely love the way it came out.

Nine new pieces have been added, and I’ve increased the size of the thumbnail images. The Comic Pages section received a similar treatment already, as it’s the only section to which I don’t currently have any new artwork to add. What’s more, as there were so many images I wanted to include this week, I increased the fantasy section from twelve images to fifteen.

I hope you all enjoy the art I’ve added thus far, and that these small art updates will tide you over as I continue to work on Chadhiyana and some other projects. And don’t forget to keep checking back for updates of other sorts as well. I still have a lot planned for this year. If I can get even half of it done, I’ll consider it a huge accomplishment.

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