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Boston Comic Con This Weekend, Baltimore Comic-Con Next Month

Just a reminder that this weekend I’ll be exhibiting in Artist Alley at the Boston Comic Con for the first time ever (table # 829)! I’m very excited for this show for a number of reasons. First, I love the city of Boston; second, I’ve heard great things about this convention; and last but not least, I’m glad to see it’s still happening. After all, as many of you know, the Boston Comic Con was cancelled in April in the wake of the Boston Marathon tragedy. I was all too happy to see it was rescheduled, and I’m looking forward to bringing Chadhiyana and some of my other works to Boston (not to mention, just getting a chance to see the city again). Read more… ›

New Fantasy Artwork and More to Come

Chadhiyana concernedThe Fantasy Illustration section of saw a big update this week with new artwork and a slight format change. I had planned to post new art in most of the illustration sections after the Bronx Heroes Comic Convention (May 4th & 5th), but I was in need of something to post this week since the Boston Comic Con was cancelled this weekend past. (I’m still hoping they will reschedule, and I’m relieved the last suspect in the Boston Marathon tragedy was finally apprehended.) That said, there’s still more new artwork coming. Read more… ›

Boston Comic Con 2013 Update

Due to the on-going investigation and manhunt surrounding the tragedy at the Boston Marathon on April 15, the Boston Comic Con has been cancelled for this weekend, and so that means, by association, my appearance there has been cancelled as well. According to the Con’s statement (see below) there seems to be a possibility of rescheduling. I, for one, would be very pleased if they did reschedule. I was looking forward to exhibiting at this show for the first time (having heard so many good things) and returning to the city of Boston for the second time in my life (which I loved the first time I visited).

That said, I hope that the people of Boston remain safe and unharmed whilst the authorities continue to hunt for the suspect who is reportedly still at large. It is also my hope the suspect is found and apprehended as quickly as possible, so as to avoid any more potential harm to the city, the surrounding area or the people therein. For those interested, I have posted the official statement from the Boston Comic Con’s website below. Read more… ›

The Boston Comic Con and the Boston Marathon Tragedy

Originally, it was my intention to write a quick third-person update about my upcoming first appearance at the Boston Comic Con this weekend, however, Monday’s tragedy at the Boston Marathon made me reconsider. I felt such a brief advertisement of the former without so much as a mention of the latter would be insensitive. Read more… ›