The Boston Comic Con and the Boston Marathon Tragedy

Originally, it was my intention to write a quick third-person update about my upcoming first appearance at the Boston Comic Con this weekend, however, Monday’s tragedy at the Boston Marathon made me reconsider. I felt such a brief advertisement of the former without so much as a mention of the latter would be insensitive.

As it is, I’ve only visited Boston once in my life and that was only within the last couple of years. I immediately fell in love with the city and its unique atmosphere (as compared to New York and Chicago). Since then, I’ve always wanted to make the trip back and wished I had taken the opportunity to visit Boston even earlier in my life, when one of my late, good friends lived there still.

For something so senseless to have been visited upon so many innocent people, brought together for a joyous occasion is simply unconscionable, be it Boston or any other city the world over. My heart goes out to the victims and the friends and families of those affected, both physically and psychologically, by this recent event.

In light of this, I have no plans to cancel my appearance at the Boston Comic Con this weekend. I am uncertain if anyone attending is going to cancel or not. Under the circumstances, I suppose I would not be surprised if some people did. I however am of the mind that in the wake of this tragedy it is important that we still find time to enjoy the people and things we love. I am still very much looking forward to returning to the city of Boston and to experiencing my first Boston Comic Con.

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