A New Horror Web-Publication and Two More Gallery Updates

Book of LiesI was going to wait another week or two before I updated another art gallery. Instead, I intended to post information about some upcoming art shows I’m participating in and a small Boston Comic Con update (since it’s been rescheduled). However, I realised if I did that, I wouldn’t have an opportunity to update another of my art galleries until early-to-mid June! I couldn’t wait that long (and I’m sure you couldn’t either). So, not only have I updated two art galleries this week, but I also have some information about (and a link to) a new horror web-publication I’ve illustrated.

Of the five new pieces in the Horror Illustration section, three of them are from a horror web-publication called Book of Lies. It’s a web-anthology of prose and comic stories, tied together by a mysterious book with which the introduction’s narrator comes into contact. The introduction has something of a Lovecraft feel to it, and it’s for that reason the site’s writer and creator, Paul A. Newman (nope, not the salad dressing guy), brought me in as one of the illustrators. You can read more about Book of Lies on bookofliescomic.thecomicseries.com

Game-Flush.com The FarrThe Humour Illustration page also had four new pieces added to it. However, since three of those are relics from my Game-Flush.com days, I decided it wasn’t a strong enough update to stand on its own. Don’t get me wrong, I love the illustrations I’ve added (else I wouldn’t have added them), but for those already familiar with my Game-Flush.com work, there’s nothing new in the Humour section other than a Boba Fett commission I drew for someone who missed this past New York Comic Con.

Anyway, that’s all I’ve got for this week. I’m still hard at work on the Chadhiyana graphic novel script, and I’m closing in on the mid-point of the story. (Don’t worry. I’m actually moving faster now. The bulk of the writing up to now was done this month, so, yes, I was moving quite slowly in the beginning.) Stay tuned for more. I’ll be back next week with something else–probably the information on those art shows I didn’t post this week. Oh, and again, don’t forget to check out Book of Lies!

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