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A Return to the Land of the First Flame


Not since I was working on (which is becoming quite a dated reference now) have I written about video games or my gaming experiences. Though this is a blog primarily about my writing and art, gaming has been one of the few past times in which I have consistently engaged since an early age. As such, video games have always been an inspiration to me creatively, and in fact are largely responsible for why I turned to comics as a medium for telling my stories (perhaps I’ll write more on that another time). So, I thought I’d change things up a bit this week and write about games. Specifically, the Souls series, in honour of recently completing my first play though Dark Souls 2. Read more… ›

After Death…New Life

After experiencing a number of losses in the past few months, I am happy to announce some new life. Late last week my brother’s wife gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. (My brother, if you don’t know, was known as Teach back in our days.) Now, as Teach is my only sibling, and this is their first child, that means I am now officially an uncle! Read more… ›

A New Horror Web-Publication and Two More Gallery Updates

Book of LiesI was going to wait another week or two before I updated another art gallery. Instead, I intended to post information about some upcoming art shows I’m participating in and a small Boston Comic Con update (since it’s been rescheduled). However, I realised if I did that, I wouldn’t have an opportunity to update another of my art galleries until early-to-mid June! I couldn’t wait that long (and I’m sure you couldn’t either). So, not only have I updated two art galleries this week, but I also have some information about (and a link to) a new horror web-publication I’ve illustrated. Read more… ›

New (Old) Artwork in the Horror and Humour Illustration Sections

Link vs MarioI’m still hard at work on a new Chadhiyana project (and I haven’t forgotten my promise to reveal more about it in April). But since I haven’t posted any new artwork on the site in a while, I decided to add a few pieces I’ve been meaning to for a while now. And since some of this “new” artwork is a little older–though that’s an unfair word to use, as I don’t consider them dated and like the pieces very much (else I wouldn’t be posting them)–I thought I’d write a little something to go with their inclusion on the site. Read more… ›

The Blog

As promised, so I have delivered. Getting this ready took more time than expected (on account of having to learn how to build this blog from scratch, as I could not find anyone willing to do the work). But now the front page blog I’ve mentioned as part of my 2013 plans is finally here. Read more… ›

Keeping the Marketing Machine Moving

What does one write when he has nothing to write about? I’ve often asked this question of myself, in various forms, when considering the problem of marketing myself constantly. It’s not that I feel self-conscious about marketing myself. (No, indeed! If you ask people who are close to me, very many of them will laugh and tell you how shameless I can be about it. You have to be!) It’s that I often question what really is news worthy, or at least worth the time to blog, tweet or post about. Read more… › is my Biggest Marketing Platform?!

A week ago today I made the most amazing discovery. I say that (or write it rather) without so much as a second thought. Certainly it was the strangest discovery of my entire career. You see, last Wednesday I was on my account to make a post about the recent changes to and stumbled upon a most astounding fact: my work is getting more attention there than on Facebook, Twitter and deviantART COMBINED! Read more… ›