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2015 Convention Schedule Begins in One Month

In just one month to the day, I will be exhibiting in Artist Alley at the East Coast ComiCon at the Meadowlands Exposition Center in Secaucus, New Jersey. Interestingly, it will be the first show I’ve ever done in my native New Jersey. Typically I attend more shows in New York than anywhere else–though it is just across the water. What’s more, it’s just the first of a growing number of appearances for this year. Read more… ›

A Relaxing Sort of Show

As much as I love exhibiting at conventions and meeting new and old fans and industry professionals, conventions are exhausting. Loading everything in and out of the show, the hustle of promoting and selling, giving one Chadhiyana pitch after another so that I feel like a broken record, even though the person in front of me is hearing it for the first time. It takes its toll after a few days have passed, and I always feel ready to sleep for days at the close of the show. (Again, don’t mistake me, I love doing conventions.) However, this past weekend I got to experience something a little different than the typical mix of stress and exhilaration of a large comic convention: the Crazy 8 Cartoon Festival. Read more… ›

A Word About Conventions and Shows in 2014

JMD Convention Booth

Until recently, I hadn’t updated my convention and show list for 2014 (on the Events & Shows page) in some time. This may come as a surprise considering I was an exhibitor or participant in an event nearly every month last year. This year is going to be a little different, at least for a while, and so today’s blog post is to give you some information about what to expect.  Read more… ›

The Nature of the New Chadhiyana Project

As I’ve promised for a while now, I’m going to reveal some information about the new Chadhiyana project I’m currently working on. For those of you who visited my table at the MoCCA Festival this weekend past, you may already be in the know, though everyone else is still more or less in the dark. So without further ado, here is the information I’ve said would come in April. Read more… ›

Thank You – MoCCA 2013

I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who stopped by my table at MoCCA Festival this past weekend and showed their support. For those of you who purchased a copy of Chadhiyana, I hope you enjoy the book and the character. Expect more. In fact, if I didn’t mention it at MoCCA, I’m already working on a new Chadhiyana project, the nature of which I will reveal on Wednesday for everyone who does have that information, whether they attended the show or not. Read more… ›

J. M. DeSantis at MoCCA Fest this Weekend

J. M. DeSantis will be at MoCCA Festival again this year. If you’re attending the event, drop by table # B54 and pick up a copy of Chadhiyana, if you haven’t already or just say hello. Also, MoCCA Fest attendees will have the privilege of learning some information about the new Chadhiyana project before it’s revealed here the week following the show. So if you’re not already planning to attend and if you don’t have any plans this weekend, stop by the 69th Regiment Armory in New York City and buy a ticket at the door. Otherwise, see you there!

For more information on the Con, visit

One Convention Every Other Week for Five Weeks

That’s right, folks, you read it correctly. Starting next week with the 2013 MoCCA Festival (April 6th and 7th), J. M. DeSantis will be appearing at one convention, every other week for five weeks! It’s already an exciting time for J. M. DeSantis with the first Chadhiyana comic having been published back in October and a new Chadhiyana project in the works (more on that next month). And now J. M.’s 2013 appearances are starting off with three conventions only two weeks apart from each other. Read more… ›

New (Old) Artwork in the Horror and Humour Illustration Sections

Link vs MarioI’m still hard at work on a new Chadhiyana project (and I haven’t forgotten my promise to reveal more about it in April). But since I haven’t posted any new artwork on the site in a while, I decided to add a few pieces I’ve been meaning to for a while now. And since some of this “new” artwork is a little older–though that’s an unfair word to use, as I don’t consider them dated and like the pieces very much (else I wouldn’t be posting them)–I thought I’d write a little something to go with their inclusion on the site. Read more… ›

2013 Conventions Update

2013 is already shaping up to be an exciting year for J. M. DeSantis convention appearances. He’s returning to the MoCCA Festival for the second year in a row, and for the first time ever, he will be attending the Boston Comic Con in late April. Additionally, J. M. DeSantis recently received his confirmation for a return appearance to the Baltimore Comic-Con in September. Read more… ›