New (Old) Artwork in the Horror and Humour Illustration Sections

Link vs MarioI’m still hard at work on a new Chadhiyana project (and I haven’t forgotten my promise to reveal more about it in April). But since I haven’t posted any new artwork on the site in a while, I decided to add a few pieces I’ve been meaning to for a while now. And since some of this “new” artwork is a little older–though that’s an unfair word to use, as I don’t consider them dated and like the pieces very much (else I wouldn’t be posting them)–I thought I’d write a little something to go with their inclusion on the site.

The first piece, in the Humour Illustration section, I created back when I was still working on Game-Flush and we began creating products for our CaféPress store. It was a second attempt at the Link vs Mario image I created for Game-Flush’s first Comic of the Month (which in turn was a finished version of some silliness I doodled on a bowling league print-out when I was out with some friends). I’ve been meaning to add this piece to the site for a long time, as it’s a much improved version of the original cartoon. When I created the first, I was still developing my “Game-Flush style”; this was at about what I consider the height of that style. It was supposed to go on a T-shirt and poster, but alas, CaféPress rejected it; they felt my attempt at parody was too close to the source material.

Behind YouThe second image, that added to the Horror Illustration section, is actually one of my favourite pieces to date. I think it’s a great representation of my watercolour, ink and colour pencil style. Usually around Halloween I create a new horror piece (as Halloween is my favourite holiday), but last year I decided to create two (mostly because I had an upcoming gallery show and wanted some new work to display). (The other piece was a black and white Nosferatu “poster” already in the Horror Illustration section.) However, in the wake of Super Storm Sandy and getting Chadhiyana ready for online sales, I never got the chance to post this image. Now I finally have an opportunity to share it with you. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Well, that’s all for now. As always, stay tuned for more. And don’t forget to come see me in Artist Alley at both MoCCA Fest and the Boston Comic Con next month (updated information is always available on the Events & Shows page of this site).

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