Site Updates and a Small Peek Behind-the-Scenes

Writing Books

Many of you who are checking back every week for new blog posts may have been a little disappointed the last few weeks to see that there’s been little but brief information about Chadhiyana’s price increase and some upcoming convention information. Or maybe I’m just feeling a little self-conscious after writing blog entries of 500-and-more words since the beginning of the year. Either way, as I explained in former posts, that may be the nature of some or even many posts here. Moreover, the new Chadhiyana project I’m working on is taking up most of my writing time of late. That said, I took some time over the weekend to make some minor changes to

First and foremost, the entire site has been moved into the new format, and so there is a consistent layout throughout the site. I’m also using a new contact form on the Contact page. There are supposed to be messages which pop up when you send a message or don’t fill out the form properly, however that does not seem to be working properly. Still, I’ve tested the form and the messages are coming through; for now, it’ll have to do.

The last thing is, I’ve added more images to various pages on the site, specifically in the Writing sections (nearly all of them), the Events & Shows page, the Web-Comic page and the About page. I felt the site was looking a little too text heavy and needed something to break it up and make it easier on the eyes. This started with putting up a picture of my typical convention table layout (so people could have an even easier time finding me), and that snowballed into updating the other pages with images. (Yes, that picture on the Events & Shows page was me at my booth at the New York Comic Con this October past.)

JMD Convention

Besides the picture of me at my NYCC 2012 booth, many of you might be interested in the images on the Writing and About pages, specifically the handwritten books. Those are my actual writing books. For those of you who don’t know, I typically write everything first by hand (fiction, that is–these blog entries and updates I simply type). It’s something I prefer, and it helps me feel more connected to my stories. As with everything else I do creatively, I prefer to work with things I can pick up and hold. What’s more, to be perfectly honest, there’s just something romantic about it.

Well, you got a blog entry out of me after all. Now to get some work done. Though that copy of the new Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate is calling my name. You wouldn’t begrudge me a little enjoyment and relaxation, would you?

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