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Inktober 2019, 2020, and 2021 Themes

J. M. DeSantis Blog: Inktober 2019, 2020, and 2021 Themes
The votes are in for my Inktober 2019 theme! However, before I begin, I have to give a heartfelt thank you to all of the fans and staff at the Baltimore Comic-Con this weekend for helping make this yet another successful year. As I said last week, I’ll be cutting down on (and essentially taking off from) conventions for a year or so, unless I’m a guest, such as at the No Such Con in the winter. Yet the response to my work was so warm, I couldn’t help but make an exception for Baltimore.  Read more… ›

A Persistent Conundrum & Other Updates

J. M. DeSantis Blog

After a long time of hearing about the benefits of using Instagram to connect with fans and promote one’s work, I finally caved and signed up for an account ( Last week I made an announcement on my various social media pages, and just yesterday I began posting images and linked the account to Facebook and Twitter (unfortunately, Google+ doesn’t seem to have this option). However, despite the excitement of adding yet another way of connect with people, the growing social media trend creates a bit of a conundrum for me. Read more… ›

The Wait is Nearly Over

Chadhiyana #3 news

Strange things happen and people die as the witch has appeared to escape. Now, the Tal-Ifatiir order is terrified, and they are starting to blame Chadhiyana for all their supernatural misfortunes. ~ From Rosarium Publishing

Sorry. I know I already posted the above blurb from my publisher when I originally wrote my blog piece on the Chadhiyana #3 release date, but I just really love that quote. I know I’m a little biased, but if this book weren’t my own, that synopsis would certainly get me to buy this issue. That said, for those of you who do not have a NetGalley account, the wait is nearly over to read what the publisher teases above. Chadhiyana #3 will release within the week.  Read more… ›

Changes Made

If you missed my post last Thursday on Facebook, Twitter and Google+, I mentioned that there was a certain document of interest which was placed in my e-mail last week. That particular document is the harbinger of the big news I’ve had coming for a long time. The end is nigh. And with that, some changes have been made in preparation for its coming. Read more… ›

Getting Back

J. M. DeSantis Blog Post

Unless you’re following me on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ (and if you’re not, just click the icons on the right side bar to do so), you probably didn’t know that late last week I came down with something which left me feverish and out of commission for a few days. I’m feeling the residual effects of that still (mostly a stuffy nose and an aching back from all the lying around, not to mention a severe lack of energy), but I’m much better now and slowly getting back to work. There’s a lot to do and catch up on, after all. That said, I don’t have much for this week’s blog but another quick update and more teasers about some of that upcoming news. Read more… ›

Keeping the Marketing Machine Moving

What does one write when he has nothing to write about? I’ve often asked this question of myself, in various forms, when considering the problem of marketing myself constantly. It’s not that I feel self-conscious about marketing myself. (No, indeed! If you ask people who are close to me, very many of them will laugh and tell you how shameless I can be about it. You have to be!) It’s that I often question what really is news worthy, or at least worth the time to blog, tweet or post about. Read more… ›