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J. M. DeSantis Blog Post

Unless you’re following me on Twitter, Facebook and Google+ (and if you’re not, just click the icons on the right side bar to do so), you probably didn’t know that late last week I came down with something which left me feverish and out of commission for a few days. I’m feeling the residual effects of that still (mostly a stuffy nose and an aching back from all the lying around, not to mention a severe lack of energy), but I’m much better now and slowly getting back to work. There’s a lot to do and catch up on, after all. That said, I don’t have much for this week’s blog but another quick update and more teasers about some of that upcoming news.

If you’ve been checking my Chadhiyana website (, you’ve noticed that I posted sketches last week for two new Chadhiyana pieces I’m working on (one of these was even featured two weeks ago on this site’s blog). What’s more, the pieces and the blog post give a few more hints about the big news I promised last month. So, if you haven’t read that blog post, yet, you may want to. (Click here to read it.)

Other than that (and I loathe writing this sort of thing), I’m working on a number of other large projects. Like the above, I don’t want to discuss details until things are a little more set in stone. Everything right now is behind schedule from where I wanted to be at this point in the year (about a month behind, as of this writing), but I can promise that things are happening and there are announcements coming. As always, be patient.

Unfortunately, I’m in the strange position where much of what was planned for this year centered around these big announcements, but no announcements can be made yet. With things being delayed concerning the announcement otherwise scheduled for last month (as stated in the post) and the other, aforementioned projects being only in the earlier stages of development, there’s not much I can discuss. I can only tease, but that, at some point, can get a little old.

This here is a real example of why I, more and more as time goes on, prefer to keep silent on things until they are scheduled to happen, or better yet, happening. But, I also do love building suspense and a little bit of a buzz. I just don’t like leaving people hanging for too long with “I’m working on something. It’s coming! You’ll hear about it soon.” I hope I’m doing and writing enough to at least not sound like these forthcoming announcements are empty promises.

As I keep saying, no one is more excited for these announcements than myself. So stay tuned. Something is happening. You’ll hear about it soon!

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