Handlebar Moustache Guide – Part 6

J. M. DeSantis's Handlebar Moustache Guide

As I expected, I decided to post just one additional part of my Handlebar Moustache Guide. As I’ve said in the past, I’ve written considerably more content than what I’ve published on this site, but I have other designs and aspirations for the full guide and so have kept it to the bare essentials here. That said, after publishing Part 5, I felt this web-version of the guide was somehow incomplete. Thus, this sixth and final part. I hope you’ve enjoyed the present guide and found it useful. Should the full version ever see print, rest assured I will make that announcement on this site.


Wax Your Moustache Daily

Indeed it is very important to wax your moustache on a daily basis. If you find this to be a chore, just remember what it is you signed up for at the outset of growing out a handlebar moustache of your own. You should be proud of those curls and love seeing them every day. If you don’t, perhaps you’re not cut out for this sort of thing. After all, not everyone should have a child or own a pet, and certainly not everyone is cut out for the responsibility of owning a handlebar moustache of their own.

That said, the reason for waxing and curling your moustache every day is that it helps to keep those curls doing what they’re supposed to do: curl upwards. After all, the hairs above your lips, while an unruly and undisciplined bunch, do not naturally curl upwards. Perhaps one or two on a given day behave as though they’re running off of five cups of coffee, but generally speaking they need to be trained and worked to do as you wish. And, of course, like exercise for the body, if you stop curling them for too long a time, your moustache hairs will become lax and they will cease to cooperate, wax or no.

Now, certainly there will arise a day, here or there, where you may decide not to wax your moustache. Perhaps you’re under the weather, or it’s just a stay in and lay about sort of day. The occasional decision not to curl your moustache will not be detrimental to your curls, just be sure not to overindulge in this sort of behaviour. More, it is inadvisable to take any days off in the early months of possessing full-grown handlebar moustache. After all, those months are formative for your luxurious moustache, and you want to build a good foundation for it.


Display Your Moustache Proudly

Although this guide is not an exhaustive study on the subject of handlebar moustaches, there is certainly enough information here to get one started on the journey to growing and maintaining a handlebar moustache of their own. That said, if you are going to grow out a moustache of any sort, the most important thing is to be proud of the thing. Indeed, think of your own moustache as the envy of all others, and treat it as such. After all, there is no greater display of a man’s manliness than a moustache worn with confidence.

Now crack on, and show the world those luxurious curls!


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