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Chadhiyana #3 news

Strange things happen and people die as the witch has appeared to escape. Now, the Tal-Ifatiir order is terrified, and they are starting to blame Chadhiyana for all their supernatural misfortunes. ~ From Rosarium Publishing

Sorry. I know I already posted the above blurb from my publisher when I originally wrote my blog piece on the Chadhiyana #3 release date, but I just really love that quote. I know I’m a little biased, but if this book weren’t my own, that synopsis would certainly get me to buy this issue. That said, for those of you who do not have a NetGalley account, the wait is nearly over to read what the publisher teases above. Chadhiyana #3 will release within the week. 

I say within the week only because, while I was given the release date of February 16th from Rosarium Publishing, I did read in one or two places that February 12th is the scheduled date. So, it may very well be that the issue will release earlier than expected (as has happened on two occasions already with comiXology–and I’m not complaining about that by any means).

That said, I’m very excited for the release of this next issue for a number of reasons. For one, the plot begins to really heat up in issue 3 and as such, I’ve been waiting to get to this point for a long time. A few minor characters are introduced, all members of the Tal-Ifatiir, and then there’s the above alluded to events. More than this is the fact that issue #3 is the first issue of completely new Chadhiyana material.

As it was, issues 1 and 2 contained content already posted on when In the Company of Shadows was still publishing as a web-comic. Issue 1 contains the prologue of the story and half of chapter 1, while issue 2 finishes chapter 1 and chapter 2 (hence the odd break at the end of issue 1). Issue 3, however, will be chapter 3 as it was intended. So, for those former web-comic readers, now you’re finally moving on to uncharted territory.

I’m also happy that I finally was able to show the witch character in full form on the cover of this issue. She’s, to-date, one of my favourite character designs I’ve come up with and with her being locked up in that prison-carriage for much of series (thus far) there hasn’t been the opportunity to show her off (as it were).

Hopefully not a few of you are looking forward to this issue, as I promise it is something special (as is the forthcoming issue #4, which I’ve really been looking forward to–and I’m sure you’ll understand why when that one is out). So keep checking back, both on the 12th and the 16th (and maybe every day in between) because I’ll be sure to post something as soon as I know the issue is available. Or, you could just follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or join my mailing list to get a more immediate or direct update on Chadhiyana #3’s release.

See you in a few days!

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