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An Exciting Couple of Days

It’s difficult to decide what to write about first. Not because there’s any apprehension whatsoever concerning what I’m about to write. Rather, of the three events (if you will) which occurred since Monday, it’s difficult to decide which is the most important. To put one before the others would immediately place it above the rest in the reader’s mind–something I wish to avoid entirely. So, in an effort to not so much as allude to being more proud of one over the others, I’ll merely write about them in the order in which it came to my attention. Read more… › Surprises Me Again

Recently, I began posting pages from the first Chadhiyana comic on, in my renewed efforts to give more attention to a website I’m unexpectedly quite visible on (especially in comparison to every other art and social media site I’m a member of). Last week, I posted the first page of Chadhiyana’s first story, “A Saviour in the Dark,” which produced some fairly strong reactions. Some found the page powerful, whilst others were completely appalled by the scene it depicted. (You can see the page and read the reactions on here: more… › is my Biggest Marketing Platform?!

A week ago today I made the most amazing discovery. I say that (or write it rather) without so much as a second thought. Certainly it was the strangest discovery of my entire career. You see, last Wednesday I was on my account to make a post about the recent changes to and stumbled upon a most astounding fact: my work is getting more attention there than on Facebook, Twitter and deviantART COMBINED! Read more… ›