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The day has finally arrived. After a year of developing, plotting, writing, drawing, designing characters and exploring my options for publishing the next chapter in Chadhiyana’s story, the Chadhiyana graphic novel is at last available to read–in a manner of speaking, that is. For those who haven’t been following my blog (or haven’t spoken to me at a convention, either), this new graphic novel, Chadhiyana: In the Company of Shadows, started publication yesterday on, where it will continue to publish regularly as I finish the book, grow Chadhiyana’s readership and find a publisher for this and other Chadhiyana stories. 

Given, I had always envisioned (and still do) the Chadhiyana stories in print (as well as digital download); however, because of the sheer size of this next story and the (yet) lack of a publisher, I decided a web-comic would be the best option for the time being. The web-comic format allows the graphic novel to reach a wide audience, the world over (after all, I don’t think Chadhiyana is limited to an American audience). Additionally, as I look for a publisher and finish the book, I didn’t want to leave the fans I have thus far gained with no new Chadhiyana stories for however long it takes to complete the book and have it published.

I’m feeling elated. Since the publication of the first two Chadhiyana stories (collected in the original Chadhiyana comic, simply titled Chadhiyana) and as I began to develop her and her world even further, I have long awaited the chance to tell more of her story. I am pleased to finally be able to, and I look forward to the weeks, months and years to come as this story is told and to the other stories yet to be told in Chadhiyana’s saga.

I hope the book finally does find itself a home with a publisher and that, in the meanwhile, you will enjoy reading it on Again, I love writing about and drawing this character, and I hope to have the opportunity to continue to do so for a long time. Wish me luck and enjoy!

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