I had a much different sort of blog piece planned for this week (and half-written already too); however, I have to admit that the present distractions are just too great to write about anything else but the distractions. I’ve been working hard the past couple of weeks to make corrections to the style change and in-progress pages for Chadhiyana: In the Company of Shadows (I’m almost there–really). Though, having lately come off of the Baltimore Comic-Con and being only fifteen days into my second year as a full-time art teacher, I’m not quite settled into my new schedule just yet.

What’s more, I’m also juggling art for an upcoming short comic story of mine, a new book cover, preparations for this year’s New York Comic Con, and some possible other great things which I’m not yet at liberty to discuss. Of course, none of this accounts for my teaching duties–which are considerable this time of the year. Thankfully it’s my second year and already much easier than the first.

Suffice to say, I’m a bit overloaded of late. Adjusting my schedule to accommodate enough studio hours to complete my work and keep up with my writing, while having a life (important for anyone, especially busiest workaholics), is no easy task, and I’m still, as I said, in the adjustment stage. For years now I’ve been researching, experimenting and contemplating how to get where I want to be and working out the best work schedule to make that happen. I keep learning new things and making improvements, but I’m not quite there and life always creates new challenges.

That said, I feel like I’m getting better and better at it all (time management, efficiency, productivity, etc), and learning what works best for me. As it is, I was able to cut the time I’m spending on each Chadhiyana page by almost half over the summer. What’s more, those “great things I’m not at liberty to discuss” could possibly put me in an even better position. Things are in an upward swing, but nothing is written in stone yet. So I’ll keep silent on the particulars for now.

As soon as things are more concrete, I’ll certainly make an announcement. In the meanwhile, I hope you’re all reading Chadhiyana: In the Company of Shadows on chadhiyana.com and many of you will be coming out for the New York Comic Con in just a couple of weeks. I’ll be hard at work, and trying to fit a little sleep somewhere in the mix.

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