The Crazy 8 Cartoon Festival is Two Weeks Away

Crazy_8_Cartoon_Festival_2014New York Comic Con is just one week away, and yet it’s only the first of two New York shows I’ll be doing, back-to-back, this month. On Saturday, October 18th (the very weekend following New York Comic Con), I will be exhibiting at the Marlton Hotel (5 West 8th Street) for the Crazy 8 Cartoon Festival.

Of course, there’s not much I can write about this show as I’ve never exhibited there before, and (as far as I know) this is the first year this event is happening (though, I have it from a solid source the plan is to make this a yearly event). From what I do know, the “artist alley” at the Marlton Hotel is just one of many events planned for the day (kicking off at 10 am and stretching until midnight). From workshops to classic cartoons to animation screenings, there’s a little something for everyone.

So, if you’re not able to get tickets to the New York Comic Con, or if the convention just doesn’t give you enough of your comics fix, there’s another chance to check out some cool work and of course, get your copy of Chadhiyana. And, the best part is, the festival has free admission!

Don’t be the one who hears all your friends talking about it and wishing you had gone. Mark this one down on your calendar, folks. It’s a perfect way to spend a Saturday in the City. See you out there!

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