New York Comic Con 2014 This Weekend

Just a friendly reminder that tomorrow morning the biggest comic show on the East Coast kicks off with its Professional Day, and amongst the many publishers, distributors and individual creators setting up for the four day show will be yours truly. If you haven’t marked me down in your show planner yet, make sure you do. I will be exhibiting in the Small Press area at Booth 1259, and amongst my usual wares of prints, comics, books and convention sketches will be a couple of new items, including some great giveaways.

Of course, the focus is always on Chadhiyana these days, so I’ve created two new Chadhiyana bookmarks. The first bookmark features Chadhiyana in her standard red and gold costume, whilst the other features the cover art for Chadhiyana: In the Company of Shadows (my graphic novel publishing on The best part is, they’re free, and would go perfectly with your purchase of the second edition of Chadhiyana (the comic)–if you don’t have a copy already. What’s more, free with your purchase of Chadhiyana, you also get a Chadhiyana t-shirt. Supplies of the t-shirts are very limited, so get your copy of Chadhiyana before we run out of your size.

Though, Chadhiyana isn’t all we have this long weekend (though, again, she is the focus). For those not interested in Indian-esque fantasy heroines, we’ve ordered new print runs of the popular Lovecraft and Nosferatu bookmarks I created a while back, as well as a few 11” x 14” posters, including three featuring artwork I created for The Night of the Living Dead: Reanimated (I still have copies of the DVD available, as well). All of these giveaways are also free, though there are plenty of other prints (various types and subjects) available for purchase, as well as the aforementioned DVD and copies of Worlds Beyond Volume 1 (a sci-fi anthology featuring my first and only science-fiction short story).

So make sure you drop by booth 1259 and at least get your free bookmark, before they all go (and believe me, we’ll be passing them out shamelessly). Though what New York Comic Con trip wouldn’t be complete without your very own signed copy of Chadhiyana and a Chadhiyana t-shirt?

See you at the show!

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