Happy Halloween & a NYCC Interview

Halloween is only two days away! Being my favourite of all the holidays and what with my birthday only two days following that, I usually take it easy the week of Halloween (the month of October, even). I watch horror movies, read horror fiction, work on a horror story of my own and create some new horror art–typically Nosferatu being the subject matter. Unfortunately, life and Chadhiyana are keeping me a little busy for that this year, but I am managing on some level to enjoy the month of October as I’d like. That said I’m (still) working on a horror comic story for Atlas Unleashed. And speaking of comics, one of the interviews I did at New York Comic Con was finally uploaded on YouTube.

The following video includes my very short interview (only 30 seconds–that’s what I was given) with Comicstorian. If you wish, you can watch the whole thing, or just skip to 5:11 to watch my bit.

Anyway, that about does it. Short post today, but I had an exhausting weekend of pumpkin picking, Halloween parties and a trip to the Headless Horseman Hayrides (one of these days, I’ll have to blog about that particular haunt–it’s perhaps my favourite Halloween attraction), and I haven’t quite recovered, and then I have my first Halloween wedding to look forward to on Friday. Maybe I’ll be able to fit in a horror movie somewhere and find the time to finish off this collection of Arthur Machen stories.

Happy Halloween!

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