Handlebar Moustache Guide – Part 3

J. M. DeSantis's Handlebar Moustache Guide

Well, we’re back again this week with yet another installment of my Handlebar Moustache Guide. This week features a slightly smaller section of the guide (covering grooming), but that’s only because the next section (the much awaited curling section) was too large to be paired with this one. And who knows? The curling section may even have to be broken up into two separate posts. As I’ve said, this guide just keeps getting longer and longer as I go. Likely now, with the end of the year holidays coming up and my penchant to write a year’s end reflection post, I may not even finish posting it by the end of 2014. But at least I’ll have no shortage of subjects to blog about for a while…or subject, that is.


So now you’ve come to it. You’ve made the decision to become a member of an elite, but non-exclusive club of handsome, luxurious-moustached gentlemen. You’ve purchased your supplies, and you’ve taken the time to grow a full, thick moustache. But just how does one maintain the damned thing? And just what is the technique for getting those perfect curls?

J. M. DeSantis handlebar moustache messy

Moustache Grooming

First and foremost, the moustached-gentleman must understand that the regular care of their moustache is essential for keeping it in good shape. Like exercise for the body, or puzzles for the mind, keeping your moustache clean and well groomed is important for moustache health.

J. M. DeSantis handlebar moustache combThat said, one should take the time to wash their moustache hairs whenever a bath or shower can be had. Contrary to previous statements about the differences between head hair and body hair (see the section on Moustache Wax in the Supplies chapter for more on that), one should treat their moustache hairs with care. Shampoo rather than harsh soaps will give the moustache the clean and well-groomed appearance to which any gentleman should aspire, unless of course one prefers the more rugged look of the adventurer of exotic locales.

What’s more, as stated in the section on Growing Your Moustache, it is important to comb your moustache every day in order to keep it looking luxurious. But that is not all. There are a few other points to keep in mind in order to keep that moustache of yours in proper shape.

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