Handlebar Moustache Guide – Part 4

J. M. DeSantis's Handlebar Moustache Guide

Another week and another installment of my Handlebar Moustache Guide. Supplies have been thoroughly written about. Hair growth (and patience) has been covered. I’ve even touched upon grooming. And now this week we finally come to that most coveted secret of having a handlebar moustache…

Curling Your Moustache

Now we come to it. The truly exhilarating reason to have a luxurious moustache of your own: the curls. You will be the envy of every man and the desire of every woman, but only if you can get the proper curl. Too little and your moustache will look pathetic and somehow unfinished. Too much and you may border on laughable (though some, indeed, prefer this sort of look). No, the truly great, the truly luxurious moustache looks just right. It sits upon the face as though it belongs there and no other style of facial hair (or lack thereof) will do.

To get the perfect curls, one must be a bit meticulous about it–an artist of sorts–sculpting those hairs into a geometrically sound curl. This will take great practice and patience; however, with the right amount of perseverance, you too will be counted amongst the privileged few who can truly boast a luxurious moustache.

J. M. DeSantis holding moustache waxTo begin with, make sure your moustache is properly combed and all of the hairs are running towards the ends. This will give the moustache a neat, uniform look, and help accentuate those curls.

Next, place a healthy amount of moustache wax on your fingers. The exact amount will depend on one’s particular preferences for their desired look or hold, though too much and the wax will clump and show visibly between the hairs (like hair wax or gel that has not properly been worked into the hair); too little and your hairs will not quite curls as they should. (For the inexperienced, the author suggests erring on the side of caution. Use a little less than you might think. You can always apply more if necessary.) Then, either with your fingers or a brush (certain moustache wax sets will come with these) work the moustache wax evenly into the hairs of your moustache. If you have chosen the style with the trimmed middle, it will not be necessary to run wax through the entire moustache, just the long hairs at the ends.

The next part of the process will involve a number of different techniques, and some days, different techniques will be required to get the desired effect (especially on a bad-moustache hair day–see the next section for more on that). In the end, whatever works best to achieve the proper curl is what you should use. But essentially, here is the process:

J. M. DeSantis curling handlebar moustacheWhen you have worked in the wax completely (or if you are using your fingers to work the wax, you may do the following as you are working in the wax) begin, with your fingers, to twist and curl your moustache upwards and towards the center. Be sure not to twist your moustache hairs overmuch, lest they begin spiraling in all different (and quite undesirable) directions.

Again, one may find the hairs are not completely curling toward the center. Sometimes the trouble is merely the wax being used (some waxes have less of a hold than others). Other times it is a lack of adequate wax or cooperation from the hairs themselves. Fret not! Merely allow the wax to harden a bit (a minute or two) and work in a bit more. That should do the trick!

J. M. DeSantis rolling moustache curlIf still you are having trouble getting the proper curl, you may wish to try gently pinching the ends of the curls with your thumb and pointer finger (again, gently!). Another technique, if you’re endowed with such dexterous digits, is to attempt to roll the curls toward the center with your finger.

Of course, you are not limited to these techniques alone. If you find others or think up some unorthodox technique of your own, by all means, use it! After all, the ends will justify the means. And, if mistakes are made and those hairs are just not curling as you wish, fear not! It is a learning process. Simply take a little soap and water, wash out the wax and start again from the beginning. Be patient with yourself. A moustache needs care and nurturing. No one is an excellent parent overnight, and one is certainly not an expert moustacher the moment he has enough hairs enough to curl.

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