J. M. DeSantis: Centralisation

August is officially here, and that means we’re halfway through the summer. Be that as it may, it seems that the second half is going to be the busiest. I have three conventions to attend before I return to my full-time teaching post and a load of work to get done on Chadhiyana and Gentleman Cthulhu as well as some back work on other projects. Though now to add to all that, part of the remaining weeks are going to be spent on putting a new system in place in my studio–hopefully for streamlining my work-process going forward.

For well over a year now, I’ve been working on different projects or parts of projects in different places. For many years, my writing desk, drafting table and computer could not occupy the same space. Then, about a year and a half ago when I moved, I was finally able to have a room entirely dedicated to my studio. Though that didn’t quite solve all of my organisational problems. I still only had a laptop for my computer work, which wasn’t sufficient for scanning, colour correcting or working on high-resolution files. So I was forced for about a year still to have computer files in various places and even to have to work in different locations to get my larger computer work done. In short, it was a mess, but I was making it work the best I could.

My reason for this was simply that I was holding out for someone knowledgeable to assist me in getting me set up with exactly what I needed in a computer system (in fact, I was hoping to have one custom built). Given my computer needs are considerably less than most professional artists working today (as I largely work traditionally), still I’m very particular about what I want. Honestly, if I’m going to spend a significant amount of money on something I want to make sure its exactly what I need and that I can use it for many years to come. Well, I’m happy to announce that has finally happened. In fact, I’m typing this very blog post from my brand new computer (though, honestly, for typing, the laptop worked fine, and I may very well use it still for such purposes).

It is my hope that this new system will be a solution to the otherwise workable conundrum of my past working system. Indeed, with everything centralised to one studio and one location, I’m hoping this new setup will help ensure fewer delays in workflow and output. This should (in theory, at least) streamline every process of mine involving any computer work.

Though, of course, as with any new system, it has to be implemented and any kinks have to be worked out. So, as I spend the following weeks organising and (in some cases) creating a new system for working (albeit one I’ve been dreaming of for some time now), I ask you all to be patient with me (as I’ve had to request a few times already this summer). As I said, I’m hoping this will all make a difference (even slight) in my speed and process going forward. Let’s hope it does.

That said, I should begin getting to work on some of that right now, and get a few more things done before next weekend’s Boston Comic Con. Let’s hope with this I can actually have a few other things in place before I make the trip up to Massachusetts.

Until next week…

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