One Down, One to Go

J. M. DeSantis Blog: One Down, One to Go

It was admittedly a mixed experience at the White Plains Comic Fest this past weekend, likely stemming from trying out a new venue for the growing show. But I consider any issues a fluke, as this has always been and still is a great show for me, and I was excited to return this year (after a scheduling conflict last year) and see some old friends and faces. My thanks, as always, to Ray Felix (of Bronx Heroes) and Nancy Silberkleit (of Archie Comics) who are always supportive and follow up with me every year. I’ll be back again in 2019, rest assured.

That said, the short trip and one-day show was just a warm up for the very long drive and two-day show coming up this weekend: the 3 Rivers Comic Con in Pittsburgh, PA. 

As stated in a previous post, this is both my first time doing this show and my first show in Pennsylvania. Plus, it’s likely the furthest I’ve traveled for an event to date. I’ve heard great things about 3 Rivers, so I’m looking forward to the upcoming weekend. You can find me at table 43 both days (

I’ll have a number of new items and old favourites on sale at the show–though I suppose for this crowd, it’ll likely be all new stuff—as well as a completely new display set up (since my new wooden display items arrived just in time for White Plains last weekend, and I’m very happy with them: from

So if you’re in Pittsburgh for the con, I’ll see you there. Else, follow me on social media. I’m always posting during the shows, anyway. Cheers!

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