The Shows Must Go On!

This Saturday is Free Comic Book Day, and I’ve been invited back to The Spider’s Web in Yonkers, NY to promote and sell my work. So if you’re planning to make any stops for FCBD 2022, be sure to add The Spider’s Web to your list of locations, and drop by to say hello. Also making appearances on Saturday will be Michael Grassia (of Get in Toon!) and Emilio Velez, Jr. (Dodgeball Teens). And this is only the first of a number of growing shows this season on my 2022 convention list!

The COVID-19 pandemic has been long, and though there was a bit of a false start (for me, at least) last Summer in coming back to shows (I did make a few appearances in 2021), my fingers are crossed for a safe and complete return to live events this year. As such, I’ve been adding to my list of Events & Shows again, which was looking pretty significant back in 2019 (and included my first Barnes & Noble signing!).

With the slow down in shows was a slow down in publication (though not work–for the most part). Teaching remotely (my other job) was a challenge and time consuming from 2020 through the first half of 2021, but I managed to keep on top of my creative work to a certain degree, and even launched my first and successful Kickstarter. Most disappointingly, however, were the delays in publishing more Chadhiyana work and my second novel, The Kirklyn Horror. Both projects are coming together and should see releases this year (Chadhiyana issues periodically throughout the remainder of 2022, and The Kirklyn Horror, I hope, in August).

I’m also working on some new fan art pieces (many related to the Soulsborne games with the wonderful reception Elden Ring has been getting) and will be updating the art gallery on this site with even more new art in the coming months (some new artwork have been added over the past two years). Many of the pieces will go up for sale, as well as be made into prints for my convention table(s), and I’m sure there will be a few more surprises to come as the year progresses.

In closing, I hope everyone who is reading this is healthy and safe and has managed pandemic life as best as they can (it’s certainly had its effects on all of us–myself included). Be well. And hopefully we’ll see each other at an event (in-person or virtual) soon. You can also follow me on social media for more regular updates and interaction or join my mailing list (both linked in the sidebar), or you could show your support through my Patreon or “buy me a coffee” through Ko-Fi (both help keep things moving, and are greatly appreciated by those who have the ability to help in that way).

Else keep checking back on this site, as there are new things to look forward to in 2022. Cheers!

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