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Handlebar Moustache Guide – Part 2

J. M. DeSantis's Handlebar Moustache Guide

As promised, so it will continue until I have covered the subject extensively (within reason, that is). As I wrote last week, this guide grew and grew as I began writing what was intended to be a single, brief blog post about growing, maintaining and styling a handlebar moustache. I’m still writing this guide even as of this blog post (I’m now around 3,000 words and counting), and so I haven’t the faintest idea how many parts the guide will be split into or for how long I’ll be publishing this guide on my blog. Considering its already unpredictable size, I suspect it will be some weeks still before the final part is published. Indeed, it’s quite possible this guide will take up the remainder of my blog posts for the year! No matter. I’m having a blast writing this thing, and I hope you’re enjoying reading it, as well (and getting some useful information at the same time). So without further adieu, I give you part two of my Handlebar Moustache Guide. Read more… ›

Handlebar Moustache Guide – Part 1

J. M. DeSantis's Handlebar Moustache Guide

As I wrote about last week, I made the decision recently to keep my handlebar moustache around for a while longer. It had already been my plan to write a blog piece about styling, trimming and maintaining a handlebar moustache, based on my experiences, in honour of Movember this year. When I decided to keep the moustache–as it turned out to be so popular I was all but begged to keep it–it solidified my decision to write this blog piece. Little did I know that I would have so much to say on the subject. In fact, I’m still writing the guide as of this posting. At 2,000 words and counting, The Gentleman’s Guide to the Growth, Styling and Maintenance of a Luxurious Moustache (working title; also possibly Luxurious Moustache: A Gentleman’s Guide to the Growth, Style and Maintenance of a Handlebar Moustache) is too large to publish in a single blog post. So I have decided to publish the guide in installments. Read more… ›

What Was I Thinking?!

J. M. DeSantis Cuts Off Handlebar Mustache

Much to my surprise, my handlebar mustache has proven very popular. Of course, I won’t make the claim that each and every person I come across loves the thing, but generally speaking, there seems to be an uncanny amount of people who come up to me asking for a picture with me and my mustache or simply to say what a great mustache it is. Even Chadhiyana (my most popular creation to date) doesn’t quite seem to rival the attention my mustache gets–well, that may not be true, but it certainly does seem that way. That said, one may wonder why I planned to shave the thing off following Halloween this past weekend. Read more… ›