Sketches Gallery Update

My Flowerbed sketchSince late April, I’ve been updating one or two of my website’s art galleries each month in an attempt to not only catch up on some of the artwork I’ve been meaning to post for quite some time, but also to update the galleries with larger (and thus more detailed and visually descriptive) thumbnail images. And this week, the final gallery, the Sketches section, has at last been updated.

Though some of you may be thinking it’s only a sketch gallery, you may find a few surprises in there. First and foremost, it is by and large the biggest gallery update of all, with a total of twenty-one sketch pages featured on it (compared to the previously largest gallery, the Fantasy section, with fifteen pieces). What’s more, there are a number of unseen Chadhiyana sketches, not only from the original comic but also some more recent sketches I produced, including one which features some designs from the upcoming graphic novel I’m currently working on.

Chadhiyana sketch on brown paperAlso worth noting is the fact that I’ve changed the art galleries from Illustration to Artwork (and, as such, the links have reflected this change). The reason for this is manifold. However, the best short answer is that not only are the words art and artwork more recognisable than the word illustration, but also that labeling the sections as art and artwork allows for more flexibility of content and interpretation of that content. That said, the change is a small one and little reflects any change in my long-term goals or career direction.

Of course, the completion of this last gallery update doesn’t mean I’m at all finished updating my art galleries. As new art is created and I feel it is worth showcasing on my website, I will of course add it to my galleries (hopefully in a more timely fashion than I’d previously done for some years now–especially as far as the sketch gallery is concerned). What’s more, now that the Art galleries are all up-to-date, I have considered some updates to the Writing sections as well. After all, there are a couple of new items I could add there. Perhaps it is worth looking into. I’ll think it over. Until next time…

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