A Question for My Readers

Over the past few weeks I’ve thought a lot about what more I could be doing with my blog. Typically, I’m either writing about whatever is current in the day-to-day of my career or promoting some publication or public event. However, I’m uncertain if I’m getting the most out of this (relatively) new section of my website, and more importantly, if those visiting my site are getting the most out of it as well. So I thought I’d pose the question to all of you: what would you like to read about on my blog? 

Blogging is still a bit difficult for me. Not so much the actual writing bit (it’s quite easy for me to write, at length, about a subject I’m passionate about or almost anything really), but I had in the past frowned upon the idea of blogging. I always thought it a waste of a writer’s time. Better they spend the effort writing a story or article for publication. Of course I’ve since changed my position on the matter, and for good reason.

I keep a journal and like journaling, I find blogging is a wonderful way of keeping your writing skills sharp (after a fashion) without the pressure of having to write about anything in particular. It also gives you a different outlet for your inner scribe. More, though it may be painfully obvious to others, I’ve come to associate blogging with the concept of a writer’s column–a fine use of a writer’s skills. What also contributed to my change in perspective was my work on Game-Flush.com (by now, perhaps, a dated reference). Having worked on the site for two years, I saw the potential and value of blogging through the small successes my partners and I had with the site before we closed its doors. And so, over a year ago, I added this blog to my site.

That said, even having blogged weekly for well over a year and though I find it easy to write, I’m still uncertain of what to write about. I rarely read blogs myself (though I do read columns occasionally, especially Stephen King’s The Pop of King in Entertainment Weekly–my guilty reading pleasure), so I’m not entirely certain what people go in for when reading blogs in particular. Though some ideas have presented themselves.

I’ve thought about career advice, writer and artist tips, and other useful bits of information, but I don’t know that I’ve had enough experience to be of any real help to others yet. (Though, I suppose, that’s how every writer feels at first when tackling a new subject: what relevant knowledge do I have on the subject? Probably more than one realizes.) I’ve also thought about writing about things which interest me, from books, to video games, to martial arts. It’s my blog, so I suppose it’s entirely up to me really. However, I always feel it’s best to get feedback from your customers (in this case, my readers). I wonder if there isn’t something specific my small but growing audience wouldn’t love to read about. Thus, I ask the question: what is it you’d like to see more of on my blog?

Already ideas are coming to mind, but I’d still appreciate some feedback on the subject, so please offer yours in the comments section below. I promise to read all of them; I’m very interested to hear your thoughts. Keep in mind (in order to better guard against unwanted spam), you must have a comment approved once on my site before you can continue commenting freely without approval. In light of that, I will do my best to get on often and approve comments for this blog entry. I look forward to hearing from you all. Cheers!


  • M. Ferraro says:

    I think a recurring factor in your life, and mine as well, is our love for video games and gaming in general. While finding time to play seems to become increasingly difficult as we get older (definitely an inverse relationship), you can certainly bring it into your blogs here and there if you so choose.

    Games you’ve loved, games you’ve hated. In your case, you could certainly bring some expert opinion on the art of games.
    Whether you loved it or hated it, was inspired by it or insulted by it, you can certainly bring an informed and educated opinion on the subject matter.

    I feel games, like books and movies, tell a unique story using a unique medium. You can discuss not only the art style, but the writing, the dialogue, the overall feel and atmosphere it projects onto the player; there’s plenty to critique and analyze as you so desire.

  • Nadia says:

    I feel your blog could be about anything & everything J.M. DeSantis. This is the place you can capture people’s interest & attention on another level. Here you give others a chance to get an idea of who the person is behind the writer & artist. As a person who loves many forms of art, I always enjoy finding out what inspired the person to come up with a story or create a piece. Being human is the one thing that we can all relate to & finding out what makes a person tick, or what experiences a person has, or what things a person likes, gives more depth & meaning to the work thus being presented. And I feel art is a way of communicating an idea or a feeling. I always enjoy your blog (& other writings as well) & feel you do share quite a bit. I think you should go with your gut & blog about whatever seems relevant to your desired outcome at the moment. I will continue to enjoy reading more of your insights & accomplishments that allow people a glimpse into the window of your inspirations.

  • Susan says:

    It seems to me the topic for discussion would be writing and illustrating/artwork. Certainly the pitfalls and successes you’ve experienced. Tips would be welcome to anyone that is following your path. You could also discuss the genres of art and writing. You also might want to do some research by checking out an array of blogs to verse yourself in people’s interests.

  • Phil Good says:

    I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading your blog thus far. This entry, in particular, is taken as advice as I have SORELY been neglecting my own practice of regular, daily writing.

    Daily keeps you sharp, and allows your audience to know you better, so I say stick with it.

  • Steven K says:

    I think you should really keep the blog about yourself and not a specific subject. People come to the site to see your work, and I think the blog gives people an inside view on who you are. Maybe it’s thoughts about your art work or someone else’s art work, or your thoughts about something going on in your life. That’s my 2 cents.

  • Kim V. says:

    I have always felt that blogging was a way for a person to show the world a little piece of what they have inside. It lets readers/followers learn more about the writer/artist. Whether the blog is about a personal journey to better themselves, or the updating on how current projects are going, I really do not think you can go wrong in a blog.

    You already gave tiny little pieces of things people may not know about you – video games, martial arts, books. These are all great things to blog about. What books spark ideas for you, are there video games that you just will not play, what styles of martial arts do you know or which ones would you like to learn?

    Blogging is a wonderful thing, because there are no wrong blogs. I look forward to seeing what topics are in the future.

  • Brian says:

    If you’re worried about quality, why not turn it into a bi-weekly blog?

    Sticking to the niche of the site, writing and art, is probably the best bet unless you spend a period of time specializing in something like artwork of martial arts or artwork of video games.

    Also, I had no idea that was a captcha below the submit button.

    • J. M. DeSantis says:

      Thanks for the feedback and for pointing out the captcha. Unfortunately, given the way my site works, I don’t think I can move it above the submit button. So, for today, I’m deactivating it until maybe I can find a better captcha to use.

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