Garden State Comic Fest Success

J. M. DeSantis GSCF 2017 write up

It was quite an eventful weekend both inside and outside the Garden State Comic Fest. For starters, Friday kicked things off with the release of Castevania on Netflix (expect a write up soon) and going out for a night with two people I love very much to finally see Wonder Woman. (How’s that for preparation for a comic convention?) Then there was the con itself which went successfully, and garnered (as usual) interest in both Chadhiyana and Gentleman Cthulhu.

As I’ve said in the past, I really enjoy doing this show, and I’m hoping they don’t move the venue too far away for next year so I can continue attending it. The show’s promoters, Dave O’Hare and Sal Zurzolo, are friendly and dedicated and the show brings in a good crowd of people, both exhibitors and attendees. I met quite a few good people on the attendees end, including a well-connected Lovecraft fan (hoping something will come of that), some familiar face, and of course, the man who made my day with his cosplay of Quint from Jaws (my favourite character from that film)–plus he bought a print.

My table neighhours were friendly, and Sean Carlson, who was to my left, had a beautiful painting of Wonder Woman on display (quite the coincidence). I also had the chance, as always, to meet some new people as well as catch up with some old friends and peers, including Alex River (Happy Birthday, again!) Chris Campana (thanks for the advice) and Mark McKenna (who I’ve needed to catch up with on a few things). Though most surprising and heartwarming was to see a fan of mine, Veronica Franco, who was exhibiting at the show for the first time ever with her fairly new line of fandom and literary inspire candles (Waxspurts Candle Co.) and to learn the show was a success for her (you can find her candles on Etsy at

So it was a fun show and a successful one (on many fronts), and I’m looking forward to next year as well as the conventions coming up over the next few months: Boston and Inbeon in August, Baltimore in September and New York in October (the latter finally being confirmed today). Boston is next up and happens to be held in my favourite city, so that’ll be nice. In the meanwhile, I’ll be catching up on work and blog pieces, enjoying life, and getting the next Chadhiyana issue ready, as well as the second Gentleman Cthulhu collection.

And as for those last two, as promised, I will be posting update on the delays with the first Chadhiyana collection soon (on Patreon first), and I’ve extended the due date for having your name included in the second Gentleman Cthulhu volume until July 31st (details are in the original post on the subject at the beginning of June).

So until next time…which should be again this week with my Castlevania (Netflix series) review.


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