Garden State Comic Fest & The Summer Going Forward

J. M. DeSantis at the Garden State Comic Fest 2017

For the third year in a row (and since its move to a new location) I’ll be appearing at the Garden State Comic Fest this weekend (Saturday and Sunday) at the Mennen Arena in Morristown, New Jersey. Generally, I haven’t had much luck at cons in my native state, though GSCF is the exception. It’s one of the better cons I do year after year, and it’s run by some of the most passionate and dedicated guys I’ve seen in the con business (and I’m still impressed and grateful to Dave O’Hare’s for last year’s kindness and quick action). That said, I know I haven’t posted in almost a month…even on my Patreon and So, this weekend not only kicks off the first of three summer cons, but it also starts a re-engagement on my part.

With the blog and Gentleman Cthulhu being behind some weeks, I’ll be spending some time getting caught up and back on track. So expect multiple posts a week, as I can manage and as I catch up a bit. That said and because I gave almost no attention to it, I’m extending the deadline for having your name included in the second annual Gentleman Cthulhu collection to July 31, 2017. You can check out full details in the blog piece written about it on June 1 (here).

To be clear, I’ve been working behind the scenes, though not nearly as much as usual. Perhaps I should have written about this before, but I needed a little time to recharge after a trying school year and a number of personal things that were going on. I think I had the impression I was going to be managing a little better than I was as the school year winded down, but apparently I needed some time to really recharge, get my head on straight again and even make a few changes to my schedule and other things before I could get back to work proper. Life has been increasingly stressful since the late summer last year, and after some reflection changes needed to be made–including with myself personally.

My apologies to all my fans, followers and especially my patrons (on Patreon) who have been left a bit bewildered by my near absence from all but social media for weeks now–and inconsistently at that. This week marks a return to business as usual, and perhaps with an even better me–at least I’d like to think so.

I hope to see a number of you at the Garden State Comic Fest this weekend. I’m really looking forward to it and to just having the chance to be out at a convention again. It should be a great weekend what with that and Castlevania releasing on Netflix tomorrow. Expect a review in the coming weeks as well.


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