More Updates & Adjustments

J. M. DeSantis: More Updates & Adjustments
I’m sorry I missed my blog post last week. For what it’s worth, I’ve been extremely hard at work behind the scenes, especially on the fiction writing end, and somewhat because of that, I didn’t have the time, energy or even idea of what to write for a blog post last week. As I’ve said and hinted at in the previous few posts, last year was an unplanned year for reflection, and so this year is for application and adjustments based on those reflections—some of which in fact probably go further back than last year. I’d like to think of 2018 as a culmination, and again, what better time for it than now, after ten years of professional work? 

Of course, with this will be some changes. As I’ve posted about nearly-ad-nauseaum, at the end of this month I’m raising my commission and freelancing prices across the board. I’ve also been working tirelessly on some new projects, as well as further developing Chadhiyana. And I’ve also made some adjustments to my Patreon page and the rewards and goals thereon. This complete overhaul (as it were) is to further develop my work and I hope, advance my career. And with that, I suppose it’s time to announce that I’m going to change the format of this blog.

Its long been a desire of mine to focus on content in this blog rather than writing about what I’m developing or what I’m working on at the moment. That’s not to say I don’t or wouldn’t want to use this space to announce newly published work or even forthcoming work, conventions and the like, but I’d rather stick to what is rather than what’s in the works. Besides, I think the latter is just bad practice and puts creators in awkward positions should something fall through.

With some expanding ideas on how to handle my Patreon page, as well as a renewed focus on fiction writing and project development, I’ve decided to pull back quite a bit on posting information about behind-the-scenes stuff from the blog and place it on Patreon exclusively. First it adds value to the Patreon, and second I’ve never quite liked the idea of announcing things I’m working on, no matter how tempting it can be.

That said, my patrons are already privy to information about three original, small projects I’m developing, and I’m hoping to add some information about what I’ve been working on for the Chadhiyana series soon, including some deeper explanation about the delays on my end (something, I know, I’ve been meaning to write for a while, but the information I post may very well explain why it’s taken so long).

Of course, in the latter case, Chadhiyana that is, I will post some of this information on my blog and a little further down the line, because it’s only fair to her fans, but my patrons will have access to that information early (as they have been slowly getting access to in all other areas).

That said, being able to get news and announcements early is included in all support levels (even the $1.00 per month tier). So, if you’re interested, consider even this basic level of support, as it helps me, and it gets you a little peek behind the curtain.

That said, check back next week, as I’ll be announcing a new single-issue comic which my patrons have known about for a few months now (I believe). February, it seems, is going to be a big month—if you only knew.


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