Time is Running Out

J. M. DeSantis Blog: Time is Running Out
The New Year has begun, and this one in particular is a special one (even more so than last year), because 2018 marks 10 years of professionally published work for me. In observance of that, and following last year’s reassessment of things, there are going to be some changes, some familiar things continued, and even a few new things on the horizon. All of that will be revealed in good time, but for now, time (and space) is running out to get a commission by mail from me before the first major change coming this year: my prices are increasing on all services! 

As I’ve written a few times already in the past month or two, I’m raising my prices for a number of reasons, though not least because I want to offer better quality commissions. Some of the pricing structure is changing, however, to accommodate some less-expensive commissions, but generally everything is raising! Prices comparisons on projected increases, as well as information on requesting a commission can be found on my Commission Requests Page (jmdesantis.com/commission-requests). And more, I’ve been so booked with commissions that I have only four open spots remaining before the end of the month, when I’ll be closing by mail commissions for a bit, and before my prices increase. So, if you’ve wanted a commission from me, this is a wonderful opportunity to get a better quality piece from me for less money!

Also, as mentioned, I’ve made a few tweaks to my Patreon page (patreon.com/jmdesantis), not least being a slightly more to the point description of the page, but also a few updates to some of my goals. Very important is the next goal I’m shooting for: $100 a month. With this goal reached, I’d cover my supply expenses for the year, and it would allow me to invest more money into things like advertising and promotion (which is something I really want to do). Already I’ve climbed my way to about $40 per month, so I’m almost halfway there. It would be great if I could reach that before the end of the year—hell, even in the next few months.

That said, my supporters on Patreon are already getting some exclusive information about things I’m developing behind the scenes, including two in-development projects and some more in-depth news about Chadhiyana (which I’m releasing throughout this month). At just $1.00 a month, you’ll have access to this, though higher pledges get more than just exclusive information, including early access to Gentleman Cthulhu comics, and even digital and print copies of self-published materials.

With that, I’m also working on a new collection of specific Gentleman Cthulhu comics which I’m releasing this quarter and which patrons will have early access to (and their name in, for just $3.00 or more a month). So it really is a great time to become a patron (and I’m hoping that will be increasingly so). Plus I could use the support as I climb toward my third goal through the page.

More information about the upcoming Gentleman Cthulhu collection (not the annual) will be released at the beginning of next month, but stay tuned for even more in what I’m hoping will be a special year for me, and not just because I’ve been publishing and published for 10 years now.

I’ll be back next week with something else. Until then…


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