Show (Me) Some Love this Month

J. M. DeSantis: Show (Me) Some Love this Month
I know I’ve written sentiments like this before, but February and March are going to be full of activity. First off, besides the work I’m doing and changes I’m making behind the scenes, I’m putting out a new Gentleman Cthulhu comic in a month or two (which I’m funding through my Patreon this month). I’m also planning to finally have some news about Chadhiyana in March. And those are just the projects that people who are familiar with my work know about. So with everything I’m working on and toward, I thought it would be a perfect time to do something of a funds drive, especially for that new Gentleman Cthulhu collection… 

For the month of February, anyone who joins my Patreon (at $3.00 and above) will have their name included in the And They Call it Mummy Love Gentleman Cthulhu collection. This comic will collect all 24 comics from the popular And They Call it Mummy Love series (5 of which have yet to publishing on, and has been planned almost as far back as I began working on the series. What’s more, it’s already done except for the cover art (which I’m presently working on), so there won’t be any delays with this book; I’m just trying to help fund its first print run and offering fans an opportunity to have their names included as supporters of the book.

J. M. DeSantis's Fleur de LisSecond, aside from trying to help fund printing the new comic, I’ve also begun posting information about some small, in-development projects which I’m working on in between Gentleman Cthulhu and Chadhiyana. More, my $30.00 and up patrons have access to development sketches, drafts, and other pre-writing of in-development projects (which I’ve already started posting content for a few days ago). With my Patreon already funding halfway to my next goal, this would be a great time to hit my third milestone on that page (just short of a year from launching it—and which I could really use).

That said, I’m also (finally and for real) planning to release some news on the Chadhiyana series following this current drive, at the beginning of March. Of course, some information will be posted both here and on for my Chadhiyana fans, but just a $1.00 a month contribution on my Patreon will get you access to a more in-depth explanation about the delays in the series and what I’ve been working on behind the scenes for it.

With that, I’m also going to extend the deadline for commission requests until the end of this month (February). The discounts of the past two months (pre-price raises), however, have expired, but with more work and effort going into my commission work, I still think you’re getting good work at a fair price. You can look at my commission prices, as well as some new pricing structures I’m offering (which include headshots at 1/2 price) on my Commission Requests Page.

Inktober 2017 treeAlso worth mentioning, I have a number of original artworks I’m getting ready to post in my new store, including paintings and sketch covers, though there are still quite a few original artworks available from this past years’ Inktober—though quite a few pieces sold already as well. I also have a few popular prints which I’m trying to move to make room for some new art this year.

So, between Patreon, commissions, and even some art sales, there are a number of ways to show some extra support for my work this month, and to get a little something special back from me. And I really could use that support with what I’m working on and planning for this year. Some things are changing, some new things are being implemented, and some previous projects (namely Chadhiyana) are being improved significantly—oh if you only knew; I can barely keep it in. As I keep saying, it’s been ten years of professionally published work, and I’m planning to make 2018 a milestone year…in more way than one.


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