2019: A Year of Lovecraftian Horrors

“And with strange aeons, even death may die”
H. P. Lovecraft
from The Nameless City

Happy New Year, Everyone!

     A year in which I’m returning to Lovecraft Country a full decade since my first Lovecraft fiction was published in Planet Lovecraft Magazine. New books, comics, and art are coming, including Gentleman Cthulhu (gentlemancthulhu.com), and, unrelated to Lovecraft, a return to Chadhiyana.

     I wrote about my plans at length in a two-part blog post at the end of last year, so I’m going to keep this brief. (Though you’re free to read those verbose posts.)

     To start the year off, I’m recreating my most popular Lovecraft piece, The Horror Beyond the Door, which like its predecessor, will be offered as a print and perhaps on other merchandise. (Production hit a slight snag as I was essentially bed-ridden after Christmas through New Years.)

Gentleman Cthulhu

Expected in February are And They Call it Mummy Love: A Gentleman Cthulhu Collection and the Creative Collection, J. M. DeSantis – The First Ten Years, a collection of art, writing and autobiographical information from the first ten years of my career. Note, I say “expected in February” because Dark Fire Press (darkfirepress.com), my self-publishing company, is new so release dates may not initially be precise or predictable (except in the case of Patreon digital releases, which are according to my own timelines). Still, DFP will allow me to get my self-published works on more platforms (including comiXology and Amazon).

     Further on the horizon are my novel, The Kirklyn Horror (October), and a one-shot comic, The Tainted Ones (Spring)—both Lovecraft-inspired works. Plus the forthcoming release of my Inktober 2018: Wonderland collection and a new Chadhiyana project, which I think both new and old fans will find quite satisfying.

     The year is well-planned and paced, so much that other in-development projects and some traditional publications may also be released this year, but that all depends on the development of the above self-published works, and the schedules of respective publishers of my freelance work.

Of course with that I’ll be blogging less this year (but no less than once a month) and less active on social media (absence, they say, does make the heart grow fonder, and I’ve found that to be true). However, I post monthly (at least) on Patreon (patreon.com/jmdesantis) and monthly newsletters are sent to my mailing list, both of which will also be privy to more information.

     So consider signing up for my mailing list for direct-to-mail news or joining my Patreon for previews, early access and many more benefits. The page was given a major overhaul in December, and the rewards make a lot more sense now. Even just $1 a month gets you quite a worthwhile experience, while helping me produce these projects. And at $5, you get digital copies of all publications, and your name included therein. Next up is the aforementioned Creative Collection, so put in now to have your name included as a supporter in the book (deadline 31 January 2019).

     But whatever your level of interest or involvement, keep checking back. I may be posting less, but I’m producing more. This year, like many other things, are going to be different (in the best way). They already are.

     So, don’t miss out on the unnameable horrors to come, and the return of The Girl with the Fire-Ringed Eyes.

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