Thank You Baltimore Comic-Con 2014 & an Announcement About 2015

First and foremost, I want to give a huge thanks to everyone who stopped by my Artist Alley table at the Baltimore Comic-Con this weekend past. It was quite a show this year–exhausting even. With the new Chadhiyana t-shirts, a new display set-up and my lovely booth girl (my girlfriend, Nadia), this was the best year yet. Yet it was equally exhausting–so much so, I fell further behind than ever on the most recent Chadhiyana: In the Company of Shadows page. Still, thank you to everyone who helped make this year’s show a success. I’ve enjoyed doing the Baltimore Comic-Con for the past three years, and hope to continue doing so in the future. However, I do have some unfortunate news concerning next year’s show.

As it is, the Baltimore Comic-Con has moved the dates next year to September 25th – 27th, and I have a wedding to attend on the 26th. In fact, it’s for a good friend of mine, and I’m in the wedding party. So it will not be possible for me to attend next year’s show (based on current information). I’m very disappointed about the fact, but it’s out of my hands. I’m only hoping in future years there will not be a conflict, as I really love doing this show.

That said, I’m gearing up for New York Comic Con in October, and a special, yet-to-be-revealed show the following Saturday. Also, I may have two things lined up for December (I’ll be making an announcement about those when they’re more concrete). Additionally, I’m looking into new shows for next year, including the former Asbury Park Comic Con.

So, as always, if you have any recommendations for shows, please leave them in the comments section below. I can’t promise I can get out to all of them, but I’d love to start doing even more shows than I have been–especially some more local shows in the New York-New Jersey area.

I will miss you next year, Baltimore, and I’m hoping to return in 2016. If any of you BCC attendees are travelling to other shows where I’m exhibiting in the next year or two, please drop by; I’d love to see you. After all, Baltimore is the home of my largest group of repeat customers. Thanks again for the continued support!


  • Grace says:

    Do you guys remember when he was mkiang Danger Girl and it was a success but he couldn’t keep up with the schedule and issues kept coming later and later and I eventually gave up on it. Dennis

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