A Convention I Will Definitely Do Again

This past weekend, I exhibited at the White Plains Comic Con for its first of hopefully many years. The convention was organised by Nancy Silberkleit of Archie Comics and had strong support from the City of White Plains. The upper floor of the White Plains Library (where the convention was held) was packed with people for a good portion of the day, and even the mayor of White Plains (Thomas Roach) came down to meet all of the artists and vendors. I have to honestly say, of all the conventions I have been to, this one seemed to have the largest outpouring of support for those who were exhibiting at the show. At least I hope that was everyone’s experience, because my experience was wonderful. 

First and foremost, the event was well organised, especially considering this was its first year. I attribute that both to Ms. Silberkleit’s desire to make everyone feel comfortable and at home. She even, personally, stopped by everyone’s table to check on how they were doing with an offer of refreshments–unheard of at a convention, though it would be great if more con hosts did this, in some form or another. Also, there was the obviously wonderful advice and support she received from my friend, Ray Felix (yes, the same guy who runs Bronx Heroes), who was honoured with an award at the culmination of the show because of his help organising the convention.

Other than that, of course, the amount of people who attended and were happy to support the artists and vendors was unprecedented (in my experience). For this reason, it was (for the cost of doing the show) my most successful convention, hands down. Though, this was largely possible because of one particular family who kept coming back to my table throughout the day and purchased a number of my prints. (Thank you, all three of you!)

Honestly, it’s hard to claim that any one show I do is “better” somehow than another one. They all have different qualities which make them worthwhile; however, I will at least say that the White Plains Comic Con was something special–especially for a first-year show. There are already plans to hold the con again next year. I will be sure to include it in my 2016 schedule.

My thanks to both Nancy and Ray who kept asking me to exhibit at the show. It was well worth it. For now I’ll be getting a few weeks’ rest for the upcoming Eternal Con in June, and I’ll need to get some new stock for it as well. After all, the attendees of WPCC nearly cleaned me out!


  • Dear Mr.J. M. DeSantis,

    I just found your lovely post! I was thrilled to hear you found the event a success. All other vendors seemed to say the crowds were supportive and big fans of comics& graphics!

    I had a wonderful time and only wonder why did I never think of this before ….. I am noting all the vendors who were present will be known as the founders of WPCC 2015…. with out you and others it would not have been possible! Great things happen when there is support!. I look forward to seeing you again!

    Affectionally ,

    Nancy Silberkleit co-CEO Archie Comics

    • J. M. DeSantis says:

      Thank you, Nancy, both for the kind words and for having me at the show. Again, I’m looking forward to attending next year and in future years. I look forward to seeing you again as well.

      All the best,
      J. M.

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