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January is drawing to a close, and that means we’re almost one month into the new year. Already, my convention schedule is filling up (jmdesantis.com/events/), but even more than that, in just two short weeks the long awaited Chadhiyana #3 will finally be released (through Rosarium Publishing). But that is only the start of what I’m hoping will be an even bigger year than last year.

First, if you didn’t see this past Friday’s special announcement, Chadhiyana #3 is now available on NetGalley.com. For those not in the know, NetGalley is a site where you can get books and comics earlier than their release date, usually with the caveat that you write a review for the thing. So, if you are a NetGalley member, you can find Chadhiyana #3 at s2.netgalley.com/catalog/book/81888.

Secondly, after careful consideration, I’ve decided to open up commissions through my website indefinitely (basically until my plate gets so full I can’t possibly take on the work anymore and thus have to shut it down, indefinitely). Originally, I made that announcement back in late November that I would only open up commissions until the end of January. This was, in part, to give me a chance to test out the service of taking on commission work remotely, and also to offer commissions during these winter months when I don’t typically attend conventions or events.

The experience went well, and I’ve decided that it might not be a bad idea at all to make the service a more permanent fixture on the site. So, if you nearly missed your chance to get a commission from me, or if you always wanted one and never attended a convention where I’ve been, visit the new(ish) commissions page: jmdesantis.com/commission-requests/.

Beyond that, I’m planning two new features in March, one of which I’ve been meaning to do for a long time now and the second something I’ve toyed with the idea of but never taken so much as the initiative on before. Of course, it’s all very hush-hush right now, but know that, if all goes to plan, after Chadhiyana #3 is released next month, there will still be something to look forward to the following month.

Then in April, not only will I start a more consistent run of convention appearances, but hopefully Chadhiyana #4 will be available. Again, the plan is to have the issues coming out bi-monthly for the remainder of the In the Company of Shadows arc, this way, late this year or early next year the first trade will be available–and that is all but set in stone to happen.

As usual, I’m promising and teasing a lot, but it’s never a bad thing to start getting excited a little early for what’s to come. Hopefully not a few of you are looking forward to the next few months. See you in February.


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